Would you Buy Synthetic Urine for THC Drug Test?

The reason for conducting drug tests before getting a job or while you’re at the workplace is for employers to see who they are dealing with. On the other hand, it’s no more a taboo that someone is smoking marijuana. These two points of view are yet to settle the agreement between each other, but until then people will smoke and employers will sack those that turn out positive on THC. See a little more about THC here.

There are more types of drug tests but it seems like the urine option is the most popular among them. The reason for this is because the urinalysis offers much more than just drug results. It shows the medical condition of the worker and eventual health problems that might be important for the overall working place.

When it comes to the drug results, this option is better than some other choices because it has a good detection window of 30 days. The urinalysis provides results and is able to track narcotic use in the past month. Knowing that THC tends to stay in our system by far the longest of all drugs, it’s sure that any consuming of it will be shown on the urinalysis list.

Now, we all know that you simply can’t turn out positive. If you do, the punishment is getting fired. There’s no logic in getting fired just because you like to spend some time with the pipe in your own free time while you do everything you’re asked at work. However, getting sacked can mean completely ruining your life, so you have to do everything in your power to get over this.

The answer is called – having a synthetic urine sample ready for the big examination day. Even though there are other solutions that you can use prior to the test, this one seems the most simple and you need no effort whatsoever to pass. The other solutions mean a lot of exercises, drinking water, and detox formulas and at the end hoping for the best as no one can guarantee how good you did over the last few weeks working on the problem. The synthetic pee is a much faster and the simplest solution.

How does it work?

Synthetic urine is actually an industrially made pee. It is made to act as the real human by-product and it can be used where ever it is needed where you need a liquid that will be just as pee. The manufacturers who produce something like this used to do it for other reasons and not faking tests.

It was used in the health sector as a testing product, and it still finds a lot of interest in the entertainment business. However, today, one of the main reasons why people buy it, is for using it to pass the urinalysis.

It’s made of exactly the same substances that you can find in the standard human by-product. Over 90% of it is water, of course, but there are also proteins, hormones, and lots of other ingredients. The only thing you can’t find inside is the THC leftovers that you’re trying to get rid of so badly.

The urine sample is made perfectly clear and this is the reason why it is the best solution for passing. Find here a little more about its features on this link: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/327518187_Can_synthetic_urine_replace_authentic_urine_to_beat_workplace_drug_testing

What you need to do is buy synthetic urine prior to the test and read the instruction manual carefully. In it, you’ll find precise instructions about what you need to do before handing over the sample. This is important due to the possibility to get caught giving a fake pee sample instead your own. In the instruction manual, you’ll find some tips and tricks that you probably didn’t even think about and are so important for passing.

Does it really work?

Of course it does, otherwise, you wouldn’t have so many people looking for one and writing positive reviews about it online. It really works, but in order to work, you have to be sure that you know what you’re doing.

The instructions are important because the normal pee has some features that the chemical formula isn’t able to imitate completely. For example, the normal temperature when you’re handing over the sample must be around 96 degrees as our body keeps everything inside on this temperature. The fake pee comes at room temperature and unless it is made with special features to make it warmer upon opening, you’ll need to place it in the microwave and get it to the temperature you need.

This is important because the lab technician who conducts the test will see this right away and will know you’re trying to pull a trick on them. You’ll fail immediately or in the best case scenario, you’ll be asked to give another sample. Both ways you fail because you know that your urine is full of THC at the moment.


Where to find synthetic urine?

The internet is filled with places where you can buy it. If you don’t want to spend too much time looking for it, just click and buy it here

A lot of companies offer this with their own brands. They are never labeled as fake urine for passing a THC test because this is simply illegal, but you should know that even if it says something else on the product, any synthetic urine is just as good if it’s made with care.

To be sure you’re getting a good product, look for the reviews of previous customers. If you see a lot of negative reviews and people saying it doesn’t work, stay away from it as it may be a fake product. If you find lots of positive reviews, then you’re in the right place.

The price difference is often because of other features that will help you in passing the test. For example, you’ll be charged a lot more for a kit that has the feature to heat itself to the proper temperature. Save your money and preheat it yourself. The most important thing is to get a sample that’s exactly the same as the real urine. Everything else is just showing off.

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