What to Expect During Your Recovery from Gastric Sleeve Surgery


A gastric sleeve operation is advantageous for all those who might be categorized as being fat, in that it is a less invasive procedure than some of the other selections out there. The process involves a surgeon removing roughly 85 percent of their patient’s stomach, leaving what looks like a sleeve or tube. The procedure is performed laparoscopically, which requires that small incisions are created as opposed to a large incision. The surgeon will then insert a machine equipped with a tiny camera and other instruments necessary for the process. 

Gastric Sleeve Surgery – The Final Obesity Surgery

  • Following a patient has lost a substantial quantity of weight; they may be scheduled for a gastric bypass operation. Undergoing this second operation is not as risky now than if it might have been performed at the same time as the gastric sleeve recovery process. This is what is known as a staged approach to weight loss. The quantity of time between the two procedures will typically be from six to five months after the initial process was performed.
  • Our Recovery from Gastric Sleeve Surgery
  • After a gastric sleeve, the stomach will only have 100-150 milliliters so that the subject will feel full very quickly. Overeating will enlarge the gut again.
  • For the first three to four weeks that the individual is allowed to consume just low caloric foods.
  • Subjects must avoid sugars, especially those contained in liquids, because they will dramatically slow the weight loss process. This kind of sugars doesn’t represent a real nutritional supplement for one’s entire body.
  • Fat foods and fried foods must be avoided since they are harder to digest and have low levels of vitamins and minerals that your body needs.
  • After gastric sleeve operation, patients need to take care of everyday management of the essential quantity of fluids, preferably water. The suggested dose is 1.5 liters or longer, depending on each person’s height and weight.
  • If specific symptoms happen like nausea, headache, vomiting, dark urine, the individual must inform his doctor.


All surgery carries some amount of risk, and it’s essential to be educated of this in case you are recovering from gastric sleeve surgery to help you eliminate weight and improve your health. The main thing is to discuss it thoroughly using a professional medical practitioner and consider your options before deciding.

By Finn

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