What Are the Benefits of Orthopedic Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy is a promising regenerative medicine treatment used to address a broad range of issues that are often challenging to treat. In particular, it’s been shown to be effective for treating a number of orthopedic conditions, such as osteoarthritis, musculoskeletal and sports or athletic injuries, spinal cord injuries, and degenerative disc disease. If you’re considering stem cell treatment for any of these conditions, explore the potential benefits below.

4 Key Benefits of Orthopedic Stem Cell Therapy

1 A Natural Therapy

There are many conditions that require medications for effective management. Yet, many patients are trying to move away from pharmaceuticals as much as possible due to their potential side effects. Stem cell therapy is an all-natural treatment utilizing mesenchymal stem cells to target specific areas in the body to promote healing.

2 A Safe Treatment

In many studies, stem cell therapy has been well-tolerated among patients with few to no side effects. Other therapies for orthopedic conditions, on the other hand, may come with risky side effects or potential complications. Certain drugs for osteoarthritis, for example, have been linked to serious issues such as seizures and liver problems.

3 No Invasive Surgery or Downtime

Surgical interventions aren’t always possible for orthopedic conditions, and even when they are, they aren’t recommended for all patients. Older adults, for instance, may face long recovery periods and general complications associated with surgery. To that end, minimally invasive treatments such as stem cell therapy are a welcome alternative. The process simply entails acquiring stem cells from the own body or a donor, and then injecting them at the affected site to promote healing.

4 The Power to Actually Heal

Unlike drugs which simply mask symptoms or invasive procedures, stem cells actually enhance the body’s ability to heal itself. Researchers even believe that their potential for curing disease is “limitless.” Conventional medicine, on the other hand, has many limitations. Patients are often forced to live with frustrating conditions such as osteoarthritis without many feasible treatment options. Thanks to regenerative therapies such as stem cell treatment, however, the increased time to heal is now a possibility. 

This post was written by Becky Palmer, a medical professional at Stemedix Inc. At Stemedix we offer Regenerative Medicine, also known as Stem Cell Therapy in Tampa, this therapy naturally acts to rebuild and regenerate neural tissues that are lost from the progression of all different types of diseases. 

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