Visa Extension During COVID-19 Outbreak 

A year after the coronavirus outbreak, stricter protocols are placed on airlines, including travelers, to undergo fit-to-fly COVID tests and quarantines. Presentation of COVID fit to fly certificates before their actual travel dates despite almost four months of mass vaccination in different countries.

Travel restrictions continue to happen in countries worldwide, and the COVID-19 pandemic left the tourism industry with client visas about to or have already expired. With this, the UK government tries to make amends by proposing visa extensions for foreign nationals and allowing visitors to remain within the border if unable to travel, with penalties lifted as long as it concerns their visas.

Getting a Visa during COVID 19

The Visa expiration date is different from its validity. The expiration date is paralleled with the visa issuance date. In contrast, the visa validity the time between the issuance and expiration is when a traveler is allowed to stay in a country or the amount of time allowed to conduct travels.

When it comes to extending a visa for foreign nationals in the UK, travelers who spend their time as visitors can apply for another 3-month extension on their third month of stay in the country. However, a person who had exceeded the time allowed under the visa is considered an overstayer. 

Travelers and visitors who happened to be overstaying during this pandemic are encouraged to follow the COVID-19 visa guidelines on GOV.UK Overstayers are encouraged to connect with their country’s embassy should they are overstaying due to the coronavirus pandemic. Overstayers are usually asked to present valid reasons for overstaying, most of which should be related to the pandemic to allow them to buy some time and process their visas.

Should a tourist be doubtful of his or her health before traveling back to their country of origin once the visa is ready, ask: “where could be the nearest fit to fly COVID test near me be?”—to get tested, and have a worry-free journey back home.

Learn more about Visa Extension During Covid 19 Outbreak through this infographic.

Visa Extension during COVID-19 Outbreak UK Harleymedic Infographic

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