Types Of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is most of the time a natural happening but sometimes it can be caused by some reasons. Hearing loss and its effects can vary from person to person. The loss can be noticed at different pitches and frequencies of sound.

To identify the level of hearing loss person has to go through a series of tests. The test also varies from person to person depending on the age and reason.

Know more about audiology and cover the types of hearing loss in this blog. Keep yourself engaged with the blog and know about the types of hearing loss with their explanation. The types are mentioned along with the symptoms and the causes of the hearing loss. To know more, you can explore the site of forest hill audiology.

Conductive Hearing Loss

Within the list of the types of hearing loss, the first one under limelight is the conductive hear loss. The word conductive is referring the point that there is some problem with the conduction of the sound toward the ear.

The conductive hearing loss is actually the problem of the inner ear along with the cochlea. The type also involves the issues in the ear canal, eardrum along with the middle ear. However, there is no harm to the auditory nerve in the conductive hearing loss. The overall loss is caused by the bad conduction of the outer sound to the ear.

Symptoms Of Conductive Hearing Loss

The symptoms of the loss are almost common in each person. However, the reasons may vary which causes conductive hearing loss. The level of the loss may also vary from person to person. Firstly, know about the common symptoms of conductive hearing loss.

  • Most of the time the individual who is suffering from conductive hearing loss may complain about muffed sound
  • There are some changes that person feels the sound coming from a large distance
  • There may be some rare cases of feeling of numbness in the outer ear.

Causes Of The Conductive Hearing Loss

The causes of conductive hearing loss are most common in each person suffering from this loss.

  • Most of the time the infection within the outer or middle ear becomes the cause of conductive hearing loss
  • Complete blockage due to the ear wax is another major reason for this loss
  • Deterioration of the ear bones can also because
  • Otosclerosis also causes the conductive hearing loss
  • The hole within the eardrum or damaged eardrum causes the hearing loss
  • Absence of the outer ear or sometimes the absence of middle ear structures

As you read about the causes, some of these are easy to cure. Therefore, the conductive hearing loss is a temporary income case. However, it can be the permanent one depending on the cause. Luckily, the success of the medical management and foresthills audiology is helping the people. Foresthills audiology is serving people with ear machines to cope with conductive hearing loss.

Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Moving ahead in knowing the types of hearing loss, the foresthills audiology is describing sensorineural loss. As the name is referring that, the issue is all about the sensory receptors within the hearing system. The loss is due to the issues in the cochlea along with the auditory nerve.  The damage to the hair cells of the cochlea also causes sensorineural hearing loss. The damage reduces the chances of sound moving in the ear, which then reflects as the loss.

The hearing loss comes with the muffled speech and tinnitus into the person. Also, the difficulty in hearing the sound is another factor, which is caused by this type.

The causes of sensorineural hearing loss are

These are some common causes of the specific type of hearing loss. Most of the people face the hearing loss due to the

  • Congenital, the hair cells are abnormal from the birth of the person which result in hearing loss
  • Damage to cells is another possible reason, which causes hearing loss. The damage may occur due to the infection or drug intake. Any kind of trauma along with the noise exposure also causes the damage of hair cells
  • Presbycusis is the age relating cause of the hearing loss

Unlike conductive hearing loss, sensorineural loss is the permanent one and may get worse with time. Foresthills audiology is working at its best for serving the people with efficient treatments. The professionals are still finding the best ways for people to cope with hearing loss.

Mixed Hearing Loss

Not contains its own symptoms and causes, because it is a mixture of the above two types. The mixed hearing loss is caused when conductive and sensorineural both reasons are available in a person. We can also say that it is the loss of the inner ear and as well as of the outer ear. The middle ear may also be affected along with the other two.

Some of the causes make the mixed hearing loss temporary. While on the other hand, some causes from the second type make it permanent. Do not panic, the foresthills audiology is working for the best treatment of mixed hearing loss.

To Wrap It Up

Audiology is all about hearing and relating issues, which people may face in their life. For the ease of the readers, the foresthills audiology is providing the complete information about the hearing. Explore the site and know about the types, causes, treatment along with additional audiology information. Within the blogs, you will also find the surgical treatment and the prevention of hearing loss.

This specific blog is covering the types of hearing loss along with the causes and symptoms. The article is useful for you in the sense to identify the issue if you are facing any of them. Also, it is a way of guiding you about the foresthills audiology and its services for the people.

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