The covid19 situation and the dental care professionals

The current covid19 pandemic has really tested the extent to which medicare systems can provide service. With the advent of the pandemic disease known as covid19, almost all healthcare professionals have invested themselves in providing their services to the people. Not only doctors who are treating covid19 patients but doctors with every type of specialization are trying their best to provide their patients with a better service. The hardest job in this regard is for dentists. There are two problems that dentists are facing in this time of covid19. Firstly, dentists have to work in close proximity with the mouth cavity, which poses risks to both the patient and the dentist. And with little awareness about the dental care system amongst common people, the flow of patients has reduced as well.

The cosmetic and the real objectives of dental care professionals

Though the current situation is hard, the job of dentists and dental care providers has never been easy. One of the major reasons why dental care providers struggle to provide good quality care is because people see dental care as a means to enhance their beauty. To some extent, the fact that taking care of your teeth can enhance your beauty is true. For example, by taking care of your oral hygiene, you can prevent bad breath and yellow teeth problems. There are actually cosmetic surgeries that dentists perform to fix these superficial problems. But the main objective of dentists is to prevent oral problems.

How can dentists help you in more than one way?

Now, most people think oral problems are problems like bad breath and yellow teeth, but there is far more to it. For example, poor dental hygiene can lead to the development of diseases such as bleeding, sores, ulcers on the gums, etc. Many recent studies have shown links to many complex problems with poor oral hygiene. One of the most prominent studies has proven that infectious agents from the oral cavity may migrate to the heart and cause coronary artery diseases. This goes on to prove the importance of maintaining oral hygiene is of paramount importance. And dentists are the only option to treat and cure these problems. And early detection of many diseases is also possible now that dentists treat dental problems with the new findings.

How are dental care clinics operating in times of pandemic?

However, with the covid19 situation in hand, most dental clinics are currently operating at a limited scope. Making prior appointments have been made mandatory to lessen the footfall. On the other hand, it has become important to make sure all the social distancing protocols and standard operating procedures are maintained in the clinic. You can see an example of this type of Operation of dental clinics from

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