Sourcing Affordable Prescribed Medications

When you are struggling with money and do not have the best health insurance coverage if you have it at all, you may find you are struggling with pain and an ongoing condition because you cannot offer the treatment. There is a real crisis in the US that is caused in part because of how high the prices of medicated drugs are there. In fact, they are one of the highest in the western world. Rather than suffering from ill health, a person could choose to look at Certified PricePro Pharmacy. Being a Canadian based pharmacy the prices are lower, in some cases by a great deal.

Talk to your doctor

Your doctor must know that cost is a factor when they prescribe anything for you. Some doctors like to recommend new drugs but new drugs are the most expensive. If you have a budget that is restricted you should ask them to only look at generic medications and that will save you some money. But still not as much as if you click here and order. There are four main options to save money and source affordable prescribed medications. They are;

  • Large chain supermarkets – There are several places like Costco where they have their own pharmacies and they offer lower prices than local pharmacies do. They keep all kinds of drugs, and as long as you are a member you can benefit from their reduced prices. Even though membership costs a yearly fee, you usually save that in savings especially if you also use it for grocery shops.
  • Large chain stores – Some chains like Target and Walmart also have their own pharmacies and offer lower prices especially on generic prescribed medications. Common options include heart condition prescriptions and blood pressure medications but there is a wide range of medications there. While brand names are more expensive than generics, they are usually still cheaper by a small amount than in other drugstores.
  • Look for discount generic programs – Places like Walgreen’s, CVS and Rite-Aid have programs that offer large discounts on generic drugs. There is a sign-up fee, but it is only $10 to $20 a year.
  • Canadian online pharmacies – Your biggest saving is going to be with a Canadian online pharmacy like Certified PricePro Pharmacy. Generic drugs are especially affordable. The thing is to look for somewhere licensed and certified so that you avoid anywhere untrustworthy and you do not have to deal with fraud.


There are ways you can find more affordable medications. Look after yourself and your family. If places that do programs or the large stores are not low enough for you, check out online. Just make sure that they are genuine, licensed, verified and have a real pharmacist you can reach out to when you have questions. Look at online reviews and make sure too that they ask for a prescription. Or click here to find somewhere that you can trust and afford.

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