Risk Factors And Symptoms Of Skin Cancer One Should Know

Cancer is a condition where a person’s cells grow continuously and kill off healthy cells in the process. This abnormal growth of cells can take place in any part of a person’s body. This condition happens to the outer layer of a person’s skin. Keep reading to discover the risks factors of skin cancer. You will learn the basic symptoms of this disease. You will also figure out how to detect if this condition if it shows up.

How does skin cancer happen?

There are many different factors that lead to skin cancer. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals that overexposure to UV light can create this disease. Other people get skin cancer because of genetics or family history. Moles and other abnormal skin growths could contribute to skin cancer. People with lighter skin complexions tend to get this disease because their skin has less protection. People who overuse tanning beds can end up developing skin cancer. Ultimately, exposure to UV light and genetic defects are the two primary ways that skin cancer develops.

What are the risks of skin cancer?

According to the Cancer Treatment Centers, a person’s chances of getting skin cancer will increase as they age. As a person gets older their skin is not as strong or protective as it once was. As a result, people are prone to the damaging effects of the sun. A weakened immune system will also put a person at a greater risk for skin cancer.

The immune system naturally weakens with age, but it can also be weakened by viruses and immune suppression therapies. Other factors can also weaken your immune system. People who smoke or are constantly exposed to certain chemical substances such as industrial tar, arsenic or coal will also have an elevated chance of dealing with cancer.

Men are More Likely to Develop Skin Cancer

Generally speaking, men develop skin cancer more often than women. One of the reasons why guys develop cancer more so than women has to do with the type of work they do and their habits. Men who work outdoors or who work with certain chemical substances  have a higher risk of exposure.

What are the symptoms of skin cancer?

Cancer treatment facilities such as Sundoctors information can detect symptoms associated with skin cancer. It is explained that there are three types of skin cancers. These cancers include basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma. The symptoms of basal cell carcinoma include a bleeding or scabbing sore that heals but then returns. A flat coloured brown lesion that resembles a scar or a pearly or waxy bump.

Squamous cell carcinoma shows symptoms that include firm red nodule or a flat lesion with the scaly and crusted surface. Melanoma is defined by moles that change colours or size. Some moles that bleed could be cancerous. Large brown spots that have dark spots are also associated with melanoma. A painful itchy or burning lesion or a dark lesion on your body parts could be the result of cancer.

Where does skin cancer show up on your body?

Skin cancer can show up just about anywhere on your body. However, it normally appears on parts that have been exposed to the sun. Places such as the palms, soles of people’s feet, toes and fingertips are common spots for cancers related to the dermis. Skin cancers can also appear near a person’s mouth or nose. In some cases, it will show up on or near a person’s private parts. This usually happens when a person’s vulnerable parts have been exposed to the sun over time. If you notice anything that resembles the symptoms described within this article contact your doctor right away for help.

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