Protect your little one from diseases with simple step

It is responsibility of the parents to take care of their children’s health and happiness. Every parent do their best to prevent their child from diseases and Infant and child vaccines (วัคซีนเด็ก which is the term in thai) is the first step to towards healthy life which will prevent the child from vaccine-preventable diseases such as measles, mumps, and whooping cough, diphtheria., tetanus, poliomyelitis (polio), rubella, Haemophilus influenzae type b infections, etc. With a safe, convenient and fast vaccination you can gift a healthy and beautiful life to your previous little one.

Never ignore the vaccines

Vaccination has significantly reduced the number of several infectious diseases and stops the outbreaks of preventable diseases. If you ignore to vaccinate your child they will become vulnerable to various life-threatening diseases and paralysis of limbs, hearing loss, convulsions, brain damage, etc. Moreover, once they are infected they can spread the diseases easily in the community including family members, friends, siblings, and grandparents. Hence either you are a new parent or experienced get relevant information about the vaccination schedule for children of different ages from reliable platforms such as Honestdoc and fix the appointment in a reputable hospitable or clinic via the same platform with great ease.

Keep proper record

Some of the child’s vaccinations start immediately after the birth and the parents have to continue it to 12 years. Hence it is crucial to keep track of the vaccination so that you are confident about the vaccination that has been taken and can plan for the next required one conveniently. Age plays a vital role in routine vaccination hence consult with the doctor about the different ways of vaccination such as oral drop, Microinjector vaccines, Nasal-spray vaccines, Skin-injector vaccines, Microneedle-patch vaccines, Inhalant vaccines, etc. and prepare your child for it.

Protect the next generation

The vaccine has completely eliminated many diseases from the world that have taken life of numerous people or made people disabled in the previous generation. So, vaccinate our child and promote safe and healthy living.

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By Finn

Finn Oliver Edwards: Finn, a pediatric nurse, shares child health tips, parenting advice, and preventive measures for common childhood illnesses.