There are many digital devices out there, used for different things and that each function of different levels of capability. Which each is indeed unique and has functions that they are primed for, one can not expect the same functionality and utility out of each one. Take gaming for example; to play games on digital devices, many things are needed. Enough Random Access Memory, screen width, storage space for the massive game data, color scheme, control panel, etc. One can get all these from a gaming console connected to their televisions, from a desktop computer or a laptop. While games can be played on smartphone and smaller devices, one would not get the same level of experience one would get from a laptop or similar device.

There are many other activities that are delivered in “lite” version on smaller devices on a phone, and some activities that smartphones are more primed for than bigger devices. Depending on the kind of smartphone being used, especially androids, one can get functionality of more or less the same level of a laptop’s. Managing pdf files is relatively as easy-going on an android as on a laptop but with clear differences. It is easier and more enthralling to read a pdf on a desktop or laptop than on an android phone as the screen is wider, the letters and words are bigger, and the scrolling action is more stabilized. The differences between the two experiences stop there however and the managing of pdf file on an android is more or less on par with that of other larger devices.

Options for managing pdf files on an Android

On the Google Playstore, there are numerous applications and tools that, when installed, could help one manage the pdf files on their device easily. The most popular is the Adobe Reader Acrobat app, which is from the Adobe company and has many other versions of application that help in different activities. One can delete files, copy, edit and modify, extract graphics, compress, encrypt with a password, etc. There are other options too. One can convert PDF files to other files for different reasons. Options include JPGs, docx files (these are word files), txt files, etc. These are a few of the options explained in detail

  • Pdf splitting

One can decide to split a pdf down the middle into two pdfs. And not just down the middle, but in any proportion.

  • Reorder pages

One can reorder the pages of a pdf if the original pages come in an incorrect order. One might need owner permission to do this

  • Pdf converter

This is perhaps the most used pdf option. Pdfs can be converted to and from different file types. There are convert pdf to word that help the conversion as it makes no sense to rewrite the whole file again for utility. Pdfs can be converted into word documents for easy modification, they can be converted into JPGs and PNGs which are picture files, they can also be converted into txt files. On androids, webpages which are HTML files can be converted into pdf files .

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