Looking into the Root Cause of Knee Pain and Seeking the Right Treatment

Excessive walking or running can cause your knee to rub against your thigh bones, which can damage the bone ends and cause inflammation or pain. Knee pain can be reduced with the right treatment and medications, but these can reoccur if you do not know the root cause of the pain. 

Relieving Foot and Knee Pain with Stem Therapy

If you suffer from chronic ankle, knee, and foot pain, then you might want to get this checked by a podiatrist. If you live in Orange County, you can consult specialists such as Dr. Sima Soltani Podiatry office in Irvine, CA who offer stem cell therapy and knee pain treatment at affordable rates. These are a better option than multiple surgeries and medications that can drill a huge hole in your pockets. 

When you hear the word ‘stem cell’ there will be thousands of questions going in your head. Will it be painful? Are there any side effects or complications? If you do agree to opt for stem cell therapy, your doctor will explain in detail and answer all your queries patiently. 

Under stem cell therapy, the stem cells are harvested in two ways:

  • Through Umbilical Cords
  • Through Knee

Umbilical cord stem cell injections are effective in treating back pain, knee pain, or any types of injuries. When injected, these help in the regeneration of new tissues and promote healing. They also help in reducing inflammation and swelling. 

In the case of knee stem cells, these can be collected from your bone marrow by using a needle. The stem cells are inserted into the targeted area. You will not feel any discomfort after the procedure. Now, before taking the plunge, you might want to discuss the options for a stem cell for knee pain with your doctor along with the fees. 

Opting for Custom Orthotics

If your foot or knee pain is due to foot problems or deformity, then you can opt for orthotics. These are shoe inserts that are easily available in all pharmacies. 

These are effective in treating problems relating to:

  • Flat feet
  • Back pain
  • Bunions
  • Plantar fasciitis 
  • High arches

When you visit your podiatrist, they will conduct a thorough examination of your foot and try to find the underlying cause of your pain. 

If the problem can be corrected with custom orthotics, they will take impressions of your feet and send them to labs for designing your orthotics. You might feel the difference in your overall structure within a few days of wearing these. 

If you are into sports or an athlete, you might also be suffering what is commonly known as ‘Runner’s Knee’. This is a common condition found in people who do excessive training. You might experience pain around your knee or kneecaps after running. If you are not able to visit a podiatrist immediately, you can apply an ice pack and keep your leg elevated to ease the pain. 

If you opt for a stem cell therapy for knee pain Orange County podiatry, ensure that you research the podiatry and check reviews for the same


Knee pain can be treated with the right therapies. In some cases, physiotherapy might also be recommended depending on the severity of your condition.

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