Kidney stone symptoms, causes, treatments and more!

Kidney stones usually originate and are found in the kidneys, but can develop anywhere in the urinary tract. It is important to seek an appointment with a urologist at the earliest for possible signs and symptoms, because kidney stones can be really painful. These stones are made of crystals, but one may also have calcium stones or uric acid stones. Kidney stones are one of the key reasons to see a urologist Brooklyn New York, for men and women alike. In this post, we are discussing more on the symptoms, causes and treatments. 

Risk factors

People who make less than one liter of urine in a day are at a higher risk of kidney stones. Other risk factors include history of kidney stones, obesity, a diet high in protein, gastric bypass surgery, and obesity. Some prescription medications can also increase the risk of kidney stones. 

Symptoms and signs

In general, kidney stones are known to cause severe pain, especially when the stones begin to move down the ureter. The pain is extreme on the back or on one side. Other symptoms include change in urine color, nausea, change in urine smell, chills, fever, and frequent urge to urinate. 


People who have kidney stones because of dehydration may get better with improved hydration. The treatment is usually tailored for each patient. If there is an infection, antibiotics may be recommended, while pain relief medication can be suggested too. Lithotripsy is a treatment recommended for breaking large stones, so that smaller stones can pass down the bladder through urine easily. Tunnel surgery is done by making a small incision in the back and is done when the stone is causing damage to the kidneys or is too large to pass through the urine. If the stone is struck in the bladder, using an ureteroscope may be recommended. 

Seeing a urologist for kidney stones

A urologist is trained for treating kidney stones, and you can always visit any known urologist in your area for a physical exam and further diagnosis. The pain associated with kidney stones often gets severe in no time, and we highly suggest that you don’t ignore the early signs, which includes pain on the sides or back, change in urine smell and color. A good urologist should be able to treat small kidney stones easily without surgery. 

Check online now to find more urologists near you and get screened for kidney stones, more so if you have a past related to kidney problems. 

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