Is Mediation the Right Option to Settle your Personal Injury Case?

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Are you having problems settling your personal injury claim? If so, mediation can be an easier, more affordable method to get compensated for your injuries. An experienced Rutland VT Personal Injury Attorney can help you mediate negotiations with the other party and their insurance company. 

What to Expect During Mediation?

Mediation happens when you agree to meet with the party involved in the accident. Aside from both parties, a neutral party is also present in mediation. This third party can be an attorney or judge. But, your attorney and the attorney of the other party will determine the mediator. During mediation, you can freely discuss your terms without fear of losing your case because it’s not an official legal hearing.

Often, mediation for personal injury cases starts with every party speaking to the mediator. It is then following by interaction with both parties, being facilitated by the mediator.  A good mediator will openly tell the defense the positive points about your case and has enough credibility with the defense. This ensures the other party will also trust and listen to the mediator when they tell them they have to pay significant money to settle your case.

When Is Mediation a Better Option than Filing an Injury Lawsuit?

Often, where there is a discrepancy surrounding which party should take more responsibility for the accident than the other, the insurance adjuster may emphasize they cannot pay any more money. So, you might feel you have no other option but to take your claim to court. If you are in this situation, you can arrange a meeting with a mediator to help you reach an agreeable amount. If you have hired your own personal injury attorney, they can help you decide whether mediation is right for you.

Mediation is aimed at settling your case. If you can do that, that’s great. However, often, you will need to leave mediation without the case settled to get the full value of your case. If this takes place, the mediator will usually continue to assist you and the other party in negotiations. In some instances, you may need to go through second or third sessions of mediation.

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