How Can You Make Your Breasts Bigger And Beautiful

Well-shaped breasts with a nice volume are something that every woman desires. Some women are lucky to genetically have this kind of breasts, but due to unhealthy lifestyle, aging, hormone imbalance, pregnancy this can easily change.

When women are searching for solutions to make their breast beautiful again, they can find some kind of home remedies, but that will not make a drastic change. So, the best option is some of the cosmetic procedures. Usually, people are familiar with the surgical procedures that will insert implants into a woman’s breasts, but did you know that there is an option to put your fat tissue into the breasts?

Fat transfer to breasts

If you want to achieve mild increment in your breasts, effective fat transfer to breasts according to Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne is a great solution for you. With this procedure, you will get naturally bigger breasts, and some asymmetry problems can be fixed with this fat transfer augmentation. 

This procedure has two stages. First, the fat tissue will be harvested from some other part of your body, which can be stomach, buttocks or tights. That fat tissue will be purified, and in the second stage the doctor will inject a certain amount into your breasts, so you will get a new volume and bigger cup size. 

For mild breast augmentation, fat transfer to breasts is the best solution

The doctor will use a liposuction technique to harvest your fat tissue, and the little incision will be made so the recovery will not last long. You will have a few stitches and maybe surgical drains, but that should be removed after a week. The breast augmentation will be done in a way so the scars will not be noticeable after the recovery period. 

There is also one breast procedure which is great for bigger breast in men. This procedure is called gynecomastia procedure as the condition where the man’s breasts are bigger than they should be is called gynecomastia. This gynecomastia treatment at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne is also done with the liposuction technique, and it gives great results.

Gynecomastia procedure gives great results


Body parts that have been treated should be compressed so you will have to wear a sports bra for some time. It is possible that you will get pain killers for the first couple of days while bruising and swelling are normal after these procedures. Of course, that should not last long, and if it does, you should visit your doctor as soon as possible. 

For the first few days, you should rest and let your body heal. Pay attention not to make any bigger movements that will cause treated areas to stretch, and don’t carry anything heavy. Make sure to follow your doctor’s plan for recovery, including sitting and sleeping positions to avoid possible risks.

Final word

If the bigger breast is something that you always wanted, now you can achieve that with your own fat tissue and increase not just your breasts but also your confidence. 

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