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Significantly easier care for serious patients is the technical rehabilitation tools for the disabled, presented in a large assortment on our website. These include functional medical beds and decubitus mattresses, as well as electric lifting devices and stand-ups. To maintain cleanliness are a variety of chairs and armchairs with sanitary equipment. Wheelchairs and all kinds of devices to facilitate walking crutches, walkers, and canes are technical vehicles for patients and disabled people with impaired musculoskeletal functions. As for byta assistansbolag you can have the best options, you need to follow the below contents.

When choosing technical rehabilitation facilities for people with disabilities, it should be borne in mind that they should be comfortable and especially reliable, have a light but solid construction. A large assortment of rehabilitation means for caring for the sick and disabled in the service products for the disabled, allows you to choose the most suitable and affordable rehabilitation tools. Our qualified consultants will help you navigate the variety of products and optimize your choice.

What care do bedridden elderly people need?

Caring for such people involves the following procedures:

  • hygienic
  • food related
  • medical, aimed at preventing the development of complications

Hygiene Standards

The room

The bed patient should be in an isolated, noise-protected room with sufficient daylight and good air exchange. Comfortable temperature, clean air and pleasant daylight for the eyes contribute to a quick recovery. But note, for some diseases (nervous, ocular, etc.), the room must be darkened. To do this, use lamps with frosted lampshades and nightlights of reduced power.

The temperature

It is very important that the room has a favorable temperature. The best temperature is about 19-20 degrees and humidity is about 30-60 percent. In winter, due to the operation of heating systems, indoor air can be overdried. To normalize humidity, you can put a damp cloth on the battery or install a container of water near the heating radiator. If the humidity in the room, on the contrary, is too much, ventilate it more often.

Remember that the air in modern cities, especially in large ones, is very polluted. Therefore, it is better to ventilate the room at night, when there are fewer cars on the roads. If the air in your area is clean enough, ventilate the room around the clock in the summer, and three times a day in the winter. In the cold season, it is necessary to ensure that the bedridden person does not develop pneumonia. To do this, it should be reliably protected from cold air, covered with a blanket and tied his head with a scarf. If the room is stuffy, be sure to ventilate it. Do not replace this procedure with a spray of aromatic perfumes.

Always keep clean

It is not for nothing that they call it a necessary condition and a guarantee of health. Clean the patient’s room regularly. Twice a week, a comprehensive cleaning should be done. During such cleaning, wipe off the dust with a damp cloth and mop the floor. Clean upholstered furniture and carpets with a vacuum cleaner or shake in the yard.

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