Hair transplant has become a popular modality for hair loss treatment as it is the only permanent solution. Earlier it was a popular treatment option among celebrities but now commoners are also opting it in major numbers. Nowadays personality possesses a major role in every field and is one of the crucial components of one’s success professionally as well as socially. In foreign countries especially Australia, people with healthy scalp are considered more successful as compared to those with bald heads at a younger age as they tend to lose their confidence. Hair transplant in Australia is very expensive which lures people from there to India for their hair transplant.

Is hair transplant permanent?

Yes, obviously hair transplant successfully delivers permanent results.  Hair loss in pattern baldness involves majorly DHT sensitive follicles which are located in the frontal portion and vertex portion of scalp.  These hair follicles are oversensitive to androgen hormone and undergo thinning and miniaturization under genetic influence. On other hand hair follicles present in the back and side of the head are DHT resistant and stay uninfluenced under action of androgens which make them stay for lifetime. This is the basis of permanent results by hair transplant as the DHT resistant hair follicles when transplanted in the band scalp they takes the characteristic of donor area and stays for lifetime.

Hair loss after hair transplant: why does it occur?

Genetic baldness termed as Male or female pattern baldness and androgenic alopecia is usually progressive in nature and has unpredictable rate of progression frontal and vertex area completely. Undoubtedly hair transplant delivers permanent results and the follicular grafts transplanted stays for lifetime but the existing natural hairs present other than the transplanted hairs in the DHT sensitive area could still undergo hair loss. But the transplanted hairs stay permanent and do not undergo hair loss.

Do we need another treatment?

Pattern Hair loss occurring due to genetic reasons is progressive in nature and could not be ceased by any means. There are ample advertisements claiming their product to be effective in hair loss but in pattern baldness nothing works. Hair transplant is often misjudged as a procedure which could cease hair loss but is not true. Unfortunately, there is no such remedy available till now which could cease the hair loss. Your hair follicles once lost cannot be grown again. Therefore, not in every case but majorly when the hair loss progresses the further session of hair transplant could be an option. Especially in young individuals where there is no stable hair loss and is unpredictable provisions should be kept ready for further sittings of hair transplant cosmetic surgery.

How we can make future sittings possible?

To fulfil the unrealistic demands of the patients, hair transplant surgeons are aggressively overharvesting the follicles which leave no provision of future hair transplant. Therefore, it is good to inform patient regarding the realistic expectation and need of future sitting so as to deliver satisfactory results to patients.

There are few ways by which we can make sure to have enough grafts available for future sittings by avoiding overharvesting, without violating safe zone and density depletion at donor area.

  1. Preservation of grafts: It is wise to perform every possible approach by which you could preserve the grafts. The most crucial element is to reduce or eliminate the damage of follicular grafts which can be done if the procedure is performed by expert hands and the grafts are handled with care by the technicians. Therefore, it is wise to look for the clinic who has recruited a competent hair transplant surgeon with highly experienced team.
  2. FUT technique: FUT hair transplant technique has multiple added advantages over FUE technique and one of them is that it preserves the follicular grafts and favors provision of performing multiple sessions. This technique employs harvesting of a thin strip from the back and side of the head (donor area) which leaves appropriate safe donor area for further usage in other sessions. Combination technique of FUT and FUE is one of the best methods for extensive bald cases delivering more than 4000 grafts in single session with preservation of grafts for further sessions.

Medispa clinic is famous to deliver one of the best hair transplants in India. Dr Suneet Soni, the founder of Medispa hair transplant clinic is well known for his excellence in delivering best possible outcome and is one of the best hair transplant surgeon. He has experience of performing more than 5000 hair transplant cases using all the techniques FUT, FUE and combination technique of FUT and FUE. His experience and skills favors him maximum preservation of grafts and least damage rate of <1%.

Therefore, if you are have any queries related to hair transplant cosmetic surgery; you can book an appointment for primary consultation with Medispa hair transplant clinics in Jaipur and Delhi.

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