Five Benefits of Physical Therapy After an Injury 

If you have recently sustained an injury, you might be suffering from pain or reduced mobility, depending on the severity of your injury. There are many things physical therapy can offer after an injury. The following are the benefits of this type of therapy:

Pain Management

Wisconsin physical therapy can help reduce or eliminate pain after an injury. It includes therapeutic exercises and manual therapy techniques that focus on helping reduce your pain and building strength in your body. No matter the type of injury you are suffering from, you don’t have to depend on pain medications as much.

Improved Mobility

Whether you have trouble with standing, walking, or other movements because of your injury, physical therapy can help. When you see a physical therapist, you will be introduced to exercises that will stretch and strengthen your muscles as well as improve your mobility, so you can move by yourself. Depending on your situation, the therapist may also recommend the use of assistive devices.

Improved Balance

Physical therapy is also important if you are at risk of falls or have to strengthen your balance. Your physical therapist will evaluate your fall risk first. If they find that you are at a higher risk, they will recommend exercises to help improve your balance. Your therapist will guide you through exercises so you can perform them safely while challenging you at a manageable level. Also, they will help you through maneuvers to manage feelings of vertigo and dizziness. 


If your accident caused you to lost a limb, have limited mobility, or experience paralysis, physical therapy can help you learn to adjust to your current situation. Your therapist may adjust your cane, crutches, or other assistive devices for you. They may train you to use these devices and how to apply braces when necessary. Also, your physical therapist can give you advice on making other adjustments to your routine such as getting of bed, attending to everyday needs, and walking up and down the stairs.

Quick Recovery

Physical therapy makes your entire recovery faster and easier. The exercises used and the guidance of your therapist can help in a lot of ways. Also, physical therapy can help you gain a better range of motion and more muscle strength even after your recovery. 

Future Injury Prevention

Physical therapy helps you build up flexibility, strength, and coordination, making your body less susceptible to accidents. Your therapist can recognize the areas of your body that have muscular and skeletal weaknesses as well as determine your tendency to experience an injury.

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