Debunking nursing myths

Every well-known job has its share of misconceptions, and nursing is no different. If you are considering a healthcare career, you should know the most common misconceptions about nursing, so you have all the facts before deciding your future career path.

Nursing is just for women

Hearing the word nurse often brings to mind a woman, but the truth is that over the years, there has been a substantial increase in the number of male nurses. Demand for nurses is expected to lead to even more males entering the nursing field. Hospitals and other facilities welcome male nurses to join their staff.

You have to work at night or many different shifts

There are many different nursing jobs available with various hours. Nurses working at private practices and urgent care centers often have traditional working hours. Of course, there are plenty of night shift nurses at hospitals because they are open 24 hours per day. When applying for jobs, it is important to pay attention to what shifts are available if you are not open to working at specific times.

Getting a degree in nursing takes a long time

Some nursing jobs only require a two-year degree. Many nurses start out working as a Certified Nurse’s Aide which can be completed in as little as six months. You will make more money with a more advanced degree, but that can be earned over time and while you work. For example, an UIndy online nursing degree may be completed in as little as 15 months if you have a prior degree in another field. What’s more, their courses offer online coursework options, meaning students can study at a pace that is convenient for them. 

Nursing is a lot of work with a salary that doesn’t match

Nursing offers excellent salaries and benefits. There is much room for advancement and promotion, especially if you gain further advanced degrees and certifications. Specializing in a specific area, such as psychiatric nursing, can be extremely lucrative. While it may take years to get an advanced degree, even doctorates in nursing may be achieved online while you are working your regular nursing job. Demand for nurses will continue to rise for a long time due to a large aging population and better access to healthcare for everyone, thanks to more people than ever having health insurance coverage.

Nurses work mostly in hospitals

You can find nurses at schools, private practices, private homes, sports centers, and elder care facilities. While many nurses start working in hospitals, there is no reason you should feel like you have to work in a hospital your entire career. Many nurses change the type of facility they work at multiple times throughout their careers. You may even decide that you want to travel and work to fill in temporary positions where there is a demand.

As long as it is a nursing degree, it doesn’t matter where you got it

To be eligible to take your nursing exam to qualify as an entry-level nurse, you must graduate from an accredited institution. While most coursework can be done online, a good bachelor’s program will require you to work in a clinical setting as part of your studies. 

Nurses are working towards being doctors.

Nursing is a different aspect of healthcare than being a doctor. Most people that go into nursing have no desire to become medical doctors. Nurses provide support and care, whereas doctors concentrate on clinical diagnosis and assigning treatment. In addition, nurses are in charge of making sure patients feel comfortable and follow treatment plans.

All nurses are the same and have the same duties

There are many types of nurses. After nurses achieve their nursing license, they sometimes go on to specialize in specific areas of medicine. Specialization can involve gaining the necessary experience to gain certification. Sometimes there are classes involved with getting a certification. Advanced degrees can also lead to specialization. For example, an RN might go to school online to get a degree that qualifies them to be a psychiatric care nurse.

Conclusion: nursing is a great career choice for men and women who enjoy helping others

There has never been a better time to train as a nurse. Degrees that prepare you to take the NCLEX exam to gain your nursing license require a clinical residency and a few weeks of on-campus instruction. The rest are completed online, either part or full-time.

There is a huge demand for trained nurses that will continue to grow. In addition, nursing provides a good income and remarkable job security for you and your family.

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