Cosmetic Breast Augmentation- All You Need to Know

The shape, balance & volume of the breast plays a significant role in self-image. This helps you to feel more attractive & sensual. But sometimes due to heredity or any other factors you might lose the proper shape & structure of your breast. If you are also facing the same problem need not worry, we have something for you. The breast implant might be the best solution to your problem. It is an effective surgical process to get the desired shape of the breast. It is done whether to enlarge or to bring the symmetry in breasts. It is also done after mastectomy or for cosmetic reasons.

Here, in this article, Dr. Deepesh Goyal explains the basic things that you should know including the complications & risks associated with this. Dr. Deepesh Goyal is a Board-certified plastic & cosmetic surgeon who has specializes in performing procedures like breast augmentation and hair transplant in Jaipur. Dr. Deepesh Goyal has experience of more than 10 years & has successfully done more than 2000 surgeries.

Breast Augmentation-

Breast implant or breast augmentation is also known as mammoplasty. It is a cosmetic process to enlarge breast size or to bring symmetry in breasts. In this method, artificial implants are used to enlarge the breast. This is an easily accessible augmentation surgery which might also be recommended by doctors in case of breast cancer or any other issue. But like all surgeries, this also has risks associated with it which will be discussed in this article.

Types of Implants-

Saline Breast Implants-
These are the silicone shells filled with sterile saline water (salt-water). It is available in 2 variants. One is already filled & the other one is filled during the surgery. These implants are available in different sizes.There are 2 types of breast implants that are majorly used.

  1. Silicone Breast Implant- These are the silicone shells filled with a plastic gel called silicone. Many patients have claimed that it feels more natural compared to the saline one. But the risk associated with this is also higher. Risks include leakage & rupture of the implant. These are also available in different sizes.


Normally breast develops till a woman reaches her last teen or early 20s. The saline implant can be done at a younger age compared to a silicone implant. It is better to opt for a doctor who has years of experience in this field as it will reduce the chances of complications after the surgery or even during the surgery.

The complete process takes around 1-3 hours & is pain-free. You won’t be able to feel any pain as the surgery is done under general anesthesia which means you will be in sleep throughout the process & won’t be able to feel any sensation. The process does not need a hospital stray in general. But your doctor might ask for a day stay at the hospital for better monitoring & to avoid any post-surgery complications. It is also necessary to discuss your clinical history with the doctor to avoid risks. If you have any anesthesia allergy or any such problem, discuss it with your doctor before surgery. You might have to stop taking certain medication weeks before the treatment as per your doctor’s advice.

The doctor will inject the anesthesia & once you are asleep the surgery will start. The doctor will make a cut under your breast (inframammary) or your arms (axillary) or both. In some cases cut is made around the nipples (periareolar). It depends upon your body type & the desired level of enlargement.

The implant will then be placed inside by the doctor. There are 2 methods of placing the implants. One is above the muscle & the other one is below the muscle. Once implants are placed, your doctor will close the cuts with the help of sutures. In most cases, self-dissolving sutures are used which will dissolve automatically. But if it is normal sutures, then you will have to visit your doctor after a specific time to remove them manually.

Complications & Risks-

Though it is considered as a cosmetic procedure, it can have many risks such as-

  1. Changes in breast & nipple sensation.
  2. Pain in breast along with bleeding & bruising.
  3. Infection in the outer cuts.
  4. Difficulty in healing & scars.
  5. Rupture & movement of the implant.
  6. Though there is no significant proof but patient claims that the implant makes breastfeeding difficult. Study shows, babies nursed by women having silicone breast implants having higher toxin content in the body compared to siblings born before the surgery.

If you notice any such issue, consult your doctor immediately to avoid further complications.


  1. Remember that it is not a lifetime solution. It requires follow-up checkups or removal in case of any complications. If your breast size changes, then also your doctor might ask you to remove the implant.
  2. There are also chances of rapture in the implant. So persons having silicone implant must go through MRI scan 3 years after surgery & then after every 2 years MRI scanning is compulsory. In case of rapture, you will have to either replace or remove the implants.


The cost of cosmetic breast implants differs from clinic to clinic depending upon the expertise & experience of the doctor. In India, the cost is very less compared to other countries. The cost for breast implant varies from 2,00,000-5,50,000.

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