All the Reasons You Should Start Using High Potency CBD Oil

Marijuana is widely known around as a recreational drug for intoxication. However, modern research has brought out the medicinal properties of marijuana. The truth is, various extracts and different parts of the hemp plant have been used for treating medical conditions since 2300 BC. The main active ingredients in hemp extract with therapeutic properties are cannabinoids.

There are 113 identified forms of cannabinoids found in hemp extract, out of which the most potent CBD oil, exhibits strong medicinal properties. Cannabinoids can be effectively used as a drug for the treatment of chronic conditions, in forms like CBD oil.

CBD – The new age cure all

Cannabis is used in various forms. The end product varies on the processing of the plant. The least processed part of the cannabis plant gives rise to CBD or hemp.

It is known for its anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic, neuroprotective, and anti-convulsant, properties. The hemp extract consists of two major ingredients, which are THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol and CBD. THC is responsible for the ‘high’ feeling or altered mental state associated with marijuana. Medicinally, CBD can be used utilized as CBD capsules, isolates, and vape oil.

The oil form is the most preferred and comes in two different variations. There are a highly refined version and a full-spectrum oil.

What is Full spectrum CBD oil?

A range of cannabinoids is present in full spectrum CBD oil. The CBD oil is composed of fractionated coconut oil combined with CO2 extracted hemp oil. Thus, it offers a holistic result when used in the treatment of mental health problems like anxiety disorder and depression. Full spectrum oils revive a person’s Endocannabinoid system to create harmony from within. The Endocannabinoid system is responsible for regulating various cognitive functions, including mood memory, pain sensation, and appetite.

Reason to use high potency CBD oil for various conditions

CBD oil includes applications in treating a wide range of conditions –

  1. Treatment of anxiety

A report by the World Health Organisation in 2017 revealed that nearly 264 million people suffer from anxiety. It’s a condition the manifests in ways like restlessness and excessive worry. CBD can aid in relief from symptoms of stress like headaches, hot flushes, and palpitations.

  1. Treatment of Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a common disease that’s very common in an aging population. Unfortunately, there’s no cure to the disease. However, CBD can help to a certain extent. When CBD oil administered during the early stages of Alzheimer’s, its progression can be slowed down. A publication on related research pointed out that, CBD can prevent social recognition deficit, a condition in which the patient can longer identify faces of people.

  1. Curing Acne

For people who consistently suffer from acne, CBD can be an excellent treatment. Acne is an inflammatory condition, and cannabidiol’s anti-inflammatory nature can help to treat the disease. CBD’s properties lower excessive sebum production, thus helping to cure acne.

  1. Aid to cancer patients

The side effects of cancer treatments like chemotherapy debilitate people who suffer from the disease. Nausea, pain, and vomiting are some of the symptoms of this treatment. With CBD, it’s possible to gain relief from these discomforting effects of cancer treatment. The pain relief obtained from taking CBD can help to pass through the difficult times. Moreover, studies published in clinical pharmacology reports have affirmed CBD’s ability to prevent cancer cell growth.

  1. Aid for patients with Lennox – Gastuat syndrome

In the US, the FDA has approved CBD oral solution as treatment of Lennox – Gastuat syndrome, a severe type of epilepsy affecting children. CBD was effective in reducing the frequency of seizures in patients. CBD’s application to treat children below 2 years profoundly improves their quality of life.

Thanks to scientific advancements, CBD oil is available throughout Canada in forms that are devoid of the chemicals that are responsible for causing the sensation of “high”, associated with cannabis.

CBD oil and other forms of cannabidiol are opening doors to alternative and sustainable treatments to many ailments. Hence, it’s an intelligent decision to utilize this promising panacea.

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