In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Procedure Description

The infertility center (IVF) center has been established to help couples who would like to or are expecting to have a child, where all diagnostic and treatment procedures about this goal are being performed.

These include;
· Sperm analysis,
· Hysterosalpyngography (womb film by contrast),
· Hysterosonography (imaging the inside of the womb using ultrasonography),
· Ovulation therapy,
· Standard (IVF) and microinjectional test-tube baby therapy (ICSI),
· Micromanipulation methods (assisted hatching, watching embrios through fragments),
· Criopreservation (storing of frozen embrios and using them after resolving in order to get new pregnancy),
· Surgical sperm obtaining methods,
· Diagnostic testicle biopsy,
· Laparoscopic and hysterescopic surgical operations,
· Infertility surgery,
· Preimplantation genetic diagnosis.

The Acibadem IVF Unit offers a third trial, free of charge, to patients who have had unsuccessful IVF treatments two times.

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