17 Sep 2015, The Truth about Megan Sainsbury
We are very hopeful surrogacy may continues soon in Nepal.  Many good people are waiting for... read more
10 Sep 2015, The Truth about Megan Sainsbury
Let us all work together and no fighting for better surrogacy future of industry in Nepal and... read more
11 Jun 2015, Amani (Meg)
Long time no blog. Yet again. Blogland is so quiet these days. I guess people are just getting on.... read more
8 Jun 2015, George
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4 Jun 2015, George
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25 Apr 2015, Amani (Meg)
Our dear friends, colleagues and our surrogate mothers in Kathmandu are all accounted for and safe... read more
8 Apr 2015, George
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5 Mar 2015, Amani (Meg)
Our newest little American, Baby Jack and his deliriously happy daddy Michael. Michael, baby... read more
3 Mar 2015, Amani (Meg)
Surrogate mother cries foul after giving away her baby Prapasri OsathanonThe Nation March 3,... read more
24 Feb 2015, Amani (Meg)
With permission I share a pic of soon-to-be dad Michael, who is going a bit mental waiting for his... read more
14 Feb 2015, Amani (Meg)
Surrogates and donors being chosen by an agency rather than the doctor? Madness. Not that... read more
8 Jan 2015, Amani (Meg)
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1 Jan 2015, Amani (Meg)
Wishing the best for everyone for 2015. We are closing this blog , after six years of writing... read more
18 Nov 2014, Amani (Meg)
Christmas each year at our home starts with Toby getting excited as soon as the Christmas items... read more
8 Nov 2014, Amani (Meg)
I just had a whirlwind four day trip to Bangkok for the birth of a very special little soul... read more
24 Oct 2014, Amani (Meg)
We are so proud to announce our new surrogacy agency, Family Surrogacy. Those who have known me... read more
11 Oct 2014, Amani (Meg)
so proud my boy can write mummy, not sure about the hair, at least I don't look cranky. read more
6 Sep 2014, Amani (Meg)
Female journalists on the "wrong side" of 30 give me the shits. read more
24 Aug 2014, Amani (Meg)
Published with permission from Surrogacy Australia The Australian... read more
23 Aug 2014, Amani (Meg)
People are getting home, one by one . . . several since reports couples were turned back by... read more
13 Aug 2014, Amani (Meg)
In case anyone has any illusions that surrogacy in Thailand can continue, that  *it will all... read more
6 Aug 2014, Amani (Meg)
How the world of surrogacy in Thailand has taken a horrible turn for the worse. For consistent, up... read more
9 Jul 2014, Amani (Meg) Worth a look. This guy should have been shut down after the debacle... read more
17 Jun 2014, George
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7 Jun 2014, Amani (Meg)
I am back to Thailand for a short trip, 18-21 June, home for Toby's 4th birthday and Mishali's 2nd... read more