The Exit Visa to leave India: Foreign Residents Registration Office

By Indian law, your baby requires an exit permit to leave the country. The exit permit is obtained from the Foreign Residents Registration Office (FRRO) in Mumbai or at the local Police Commissioner’s office if you are staying outside Mumbai.

The FRRO address in Mumbai is:

FRRO Office,
3rd Floor, Special Branch Bldg.,
Badruddin Tayabji Lane,
Behind St. Xaviers College,

The embassy will provide a letter of introduction and request for assistance that you can take to the FRRO when you pick up your passport. Exit permit applications at the Mumbai office are accepted between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. For this appointment you will need:

  • Letter from consulate (they keep the original since it is addressed to them)
  • Surrogacy Agreement
  • Ticket (or print out of email confirmation) showing your departure date (that evening or next day is okay)
  • Passport for both parents and Visa for both parents (so copy both passport page and visa pages)
  • Copy of baby’s passport
  • Letter from Clinic
  • Letter from Hospital
  • Two 2x2 photos of the baby
  • US$80 worth of Rupees at prevailing exchange rates

Appointments are made on a first come first serve basis.  Get there early (maybe a half hour) to be first in line. When you enter you will sign a book on the first floor and take the elevator to the third floor. When you exit you will walk straight up to the desk, check in. You approach the attendant; they will look at your paperwork then send you into the door just to the left. You will then immediately go into the next set of doors on the left and too the back of the room where the computers are located. You then log on and fill out the form online for your exit visa. They will then hand you a chip with a number on it. When your number appears on the electronic board over the entrance door, you enter the set of doors on the left as you face the board. You will sit down with the official and they will review your documents and ask you to then wait to be called again, or to come back tomorrow. At that time they will hand you a slip for payment. Once you pay you will walk back to the official and get your visa.

They will give you the exit permit with the baby’s photo that you must present to the airport officials. You now have permission have to leave the country within the time they indicate. There is usually a three-day window but sometimes only a 1 day window.

Depending on the season, it may be very hot.  Electricity may be cut back due to load sharing, meaning the air conditioner will be turned off. 

The FRRO is a place where you may want to have someone help you navigate through the language differences (Hindi) and the cultural differences.  Some people have reported paying facilitating payments, others have not.  When speaking to the folks at the U.S. consulate, they were aware that facilitating payments were required for birth certificates, but did not think facilitating payment were required for the exit visa. 

The FRRO is a good example of the government bureaucracy you'll see in any country and folks have had mixed experiences.  Mike and Mike write about their FRRO experience in early 2009, BonjourParenthood write about their experience in July 2009, and Peter writes about Visting the FRRO in August 2009 (seemed to be the smoothest of the 3 experiences).



I just had lovely twins in Delhi. The problem in Delhi at the moment is that one of the officials at the Ministry of Home Affairs is running investigations on all Americans and Europeans which means a delay of returning home of possibly 10 extra days. Has anyone had experience with having a baby in Delhi and then flying to Mumbai to go through FRRO?

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how many days it takes to get an exit letter from frro when all the documents are clear and the letter from Delhi is given to local frro office.

Usually you recieve the exit paperwork from the FRRO the same day you apply for it (at least that was our experience).

Hammockguy66 posted a video about the FRRO. The first 2.5 minutes are about walking to the FRRO, the last 30 seconds are the most valuable in that they show a bit of the FRRO itself.

Ha ha, I'm HammockGuy and the creater of the Dr. Patel's Global Support forum... I have quite a few videos, mostly pertaining to Dr. Patel and her clinic, but the one you found would be helpful for any one going through the FRRO in Mumbai...

First, this is a wonderful website and most helpful. Thank you very much!

With respect to the passport-sized photos (1x1), these are to be of the baby and parents, together? This is quite small to contain all 3 faces, have adequate detail... I appreciate the clarification. Also, we will be taking our passport photos for the US Consulate just prior to arriving in Mumbai. Would it be prudent to get the FRRO ones as well at that time? It would seem so, to help save time...

Thanks again! Tony


Sorry for the late reply as I've now gone through the process.

In fact, it turns out the FRRO prefered European (35mm x 45mm) or US (2 inch by 2 inch) size photos rather than 1x1 photos. The above has been updated to reflect that.

The photo is only required of the baby. No other people in the photo.

In general, I'd say bring extra passport photos (of the IPs) on your trip to India, although I only needed them to get a local SIM card for my mobile phone. I don't think I ended up needing them anywhere else.

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