Surveys - can you help and participate?

Charliecat is running two interesting surveys:

First (completed) is about where IPs get their information. Results show:

"From the survey it would appear that most Ip's get information about surrogacy in India through Blogs, personal contacts and forums, rather than the services themselves.

We all want to know about the ages & tests done on the surrogates, and our primary concern regarding our Egg Donor remain age and education. Most of us also want to know if our Egg Donor has donated to another IP in our country.
We tend to assume that our doctors are experienced in IVF & surrogacy (70%)and don't ask about qualifications and Cost is the most significant factor in our choice of service, although many refer to the experiences of previous IP's as a indicating factor as well."

Survey and results are at:

The second is about the clinics and targeted to learn from the experience of people who have completed at least one cycle. The survey is titles "When things go wrong". You can participate in that survey here:

Survey #2 results indicated that the most significant themes about clinics revolved around communication (not very good), cost (not transparent) and expectations.

Full results are here:

The surveys are a great idea but it is important to keep in mind that the results will be a biased sample. They are great for informational purposes but shouldn't be used for statistical significance.

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