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We are an agency that helps infertile couples find potential surrogate mothers and egg donors with our database. Our center provides service from the moment of choosing the candidate till registration of the born baby.

The couple can personally get acquainted with the surrogate mother as well as the egg donor, their children and family members. At the couple’s will the couple’s passport data will remain confidential from the surrogate mother and the egg donor.

The highest rate our surrogates request is EUR 9 000. In some cases the compensation requested by the surrogate mother during the whole pregnancy period and post-natal rehabilitation period does not exceed EUR 7 000 euros in total. .

We do our best to find surrogates and donors requiring low compensation fees.

No problems have ever aroused on the part of surrogate mother or gamete donor to the couple during the longstanding work of the Surrogate Motherhood Center of Georgia because candidates are selected with great care. Each candidate is personally studied by the Director of the Center on the basis of repeated meetings with them. The Center makes the contract with the childless family as well as with the surrogate mother, egg donor or sperm donor.

Our surrogates and donors come from different ethnic backgrounds and include Caucasians (Georgians, Armenians, Ossetians) as well as Slovenians (Russians, Ukrainians).

In the case when a couple requires a gestational surrogacy, the genetic information of the surrogate mother has no influence on the child. This method is used when the surrogate mother will carry the embryo, conceived with gametes (egg and spermatozoon) of the intended parents and then placed in the surrogate mother’s uterus.

The age of potential surrogates varies from 21 to 37 years-old while the age of egg donors is between 21 to 35 years-old. Both surrogates and donors have their own children. Most surrogates are married, the husbands of whom fully understand and agree with their wife’s decision.

The advantages surrogate mothers and egg donors of our surrogacy agency have are as follows:

1. The couple will select 2-3 potential egg donor candidates by photos and after making agreement with the center the couple will have a right to meet the candidates personally, interview them and make the final choice. Egg donor compensation makes up maximum 1000 Euros.

2. When artificial fertilization procedure is carried out in Georgian clinic, prior to confirmation of pregnancy our surrogate mothers request from the infertile couple to reimburse only the transportation costs required to reach the place of the medical procedures and the costs of expended working time, which in total makes up 150 euros at most per each In Vitro Fertilization attempt.

3. Upon the confirmation of pregnancy, the compensation and expenses of the surrogate mother does not exceed EUR 9 000 during the pregnancy period and after the birth of a child (post-natal rehabilitation period). The major part of the surrogate mother’s compensation shall be paid after the seventeenth week of pregnancy and in the post-natal rehabilitation period. Fifty per cent of the potential surrogates and egg donors registered at our surrogacy center are unemployed and therefore, request no additional compensation for lost wages.

4. If the infertile couple prefers the potential surrogate mother or egg donor to apply the IVF or AI procedures in another country, or if the surrogate mother must be in another country during pregnancy and delivery, the compensation fee for the surrogate mother or egg donor remains the same, however, the intended parents are obliged to cover the donor’s or surrogate’s travel expenses, as well as food and living costs. Apart from it, a surrogate mother and an egg donor must receive 10-15 euros per day for incidental personal costs during their stay abroad.

5. Our surrogate motherhood agency selects only those surrogate mothers and egg donors who have children, made decision about surrogacy and donation several months ago, have a stable character and are punctual and responsible persons

Laws in Georgia

Since 1997 ovum and sperm donation and surrogacy is legal in Georgia.

According to the law a donor or surrogate mother has no parental rights over the child born.

According to the Georgian law in case of the child born by a surrogate mother the couple and not the surrogate mother will be registered as the parents of the child. Even in case an embryo obtained from an egg or spermatozoon which was obtained not from the infertile couple but from a donor is transferred into the uterus of the surrogate mother, the couple will be deemed as the legal parents of the child. The birth certificate will be issued immediately after the child birth, within 1 day. The couple will be registered as the parents in the birth certificate. The surrogate mother will not be registered in the birth certificate. Thus a birth certificate of the child born by a surrogate mother does not differ from the birth certificate of any other children. Consent of the surrogate mother is not required for registration of the infertile couple as parents. The following will be required for registration of the couple as parents: Surrogacy Agreement made by the couple, certificate of embryo transfer into the uterus of the surrogate mother issued by the IVF clinic and certificate of the fact of childbirth issued by maternity hospital. The procedure of issuance of the birth certificate is simple and does not require hiring a lawyer. The parents will have a right to take their child to their country any time after the child certificate has been issued.

In case the couple uses only own sperm i.e. own eggs and uterus are not used, the official (registered) marriage of the couple is necessary so that it is possible to register the wife as the mother of the child in the birth certificate on the basis of the marriage certificate.

You can see Laws of Georgia on Surrogacy on the website of the Parliament of Georgia. The laws are in Georgian.

Law of Georgia “On Health Protection”

Article 143. Extracorporeal fertilization (IVF) is allowed:
a) For the purpose of treatment of infertility, as well as in case of risk of transmission of genetic disease on a wife’s or a husband’s part, by using sex cells or an embryo of the couple or a donor, if the couple’s written consent has been obtained.

b) If a woman has no uterus, for the purpose of transfer and growth of the embryo obtained as a result of fertilization to the uterus of another woman (“surrogate mother”). The couple’s written consent is obligatory.

The couple is considered to be parents in case of the childbirth with the responsibility and authority ensuing from it. A donor or a “surrogate mother” has no right to be recognized as a parent of the born child.

Article 144.

For the purpose of artificial fertilization it is possible to use female and male sex cells or an embryo conserved by the method of freezing. The time of conservation is determined according to the couple’s will by established procedure

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