Surrogacy in India costs USD 22000 - Normal Delivery Package Cost

Procedure Description

Welcome to Select IVF Surrogacy India

IVF and Human Reproduction centre is run by team of infertility specialists and senior embryologists experienced in the whole range of infertility issues and its treatments. The centre has done more than 7000 IVF cycles till now and is one of the most elaborate and multi specialized infertility centre in India. Dr. Shweta Mittal Gupta having excellent track record for the treatment of fertility & related problems, maintaining high standard for rendering clinical services to our all overseas patients.

We provide Egg donors, these females are Indian origin with proven fertility in the age group of 25 years to 30 years, they are properly screened as per international protocol. We also provide the short profile with photographs of these Egg donors for the selection. Once you confirm the treatment with us. We have wide base of surrogate mothers enrolled in our program. All surrogates are screened properly before accepted in our program.

The total cost for Indian Egg donor Assisted Surrogacy will be INR 970,000/- [approx. 21000 - 22000 USD depending on currency fluctuations] [valid till 31st May 2011]. This is a total package for surrogacy with normal delivery.

It is advisable to provide medical information from Intended Parents. [For better understanding/guidance]

01.Age/ Blood group/ Hep B/ Hep C/ HIV report [both].
02.Hormone report [FSH/ LH/ TSH/ E2 on 2nd day during periods]
03.Hysteroscopy / Laparoscopy report [If any].
04.Semen Analysis report [husband].

Once the medical information is made available, we will be more specific to offer suitable treatment plan in details.

Kindly contact us for further details as [email protected]

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Local Currency
Indian Rupees
Local Cost
USD Cost
US$ 22,000
Cost Includes

This includes:

* The IVF cycle
*Surrogate compensation:
* Egg Donor Compensation
*Antenatal care and Normal delivery at hospital , – this will include costs of blood tests done routinely during pregnancy, ultrasound scan
*Every 15 days (Colour Doppler when indicated) after 6 weeks of pregnancy, doctor appointments, hematinics/ calcium/ multivitamin
*Supplementation/ food and vegetables that social worker provides to the couple/ admin costs of sending all info to yourself, cost of normal delivery in Hospital with stay for one day for normal birth.
*Medical social worker for 9 months visit to surrogate: Patient co coordinator payment (who recruits surrogates through adverts) Legal costs
*Surrogate blood tests/ scan/ STD screen etc. Travel compensation for surrogate and social worker for 9 months.
* Professional charges

Additional costs are only on an "if needed" basis:

Freezing of good quality supernumerary embryos Rs. 25,000 (Approx USD 550)
Hence please keep 2175 USD as contingency expenditure to meet with below mentioned charges. [antenatal admission if required for any reason/ cesarean birth/ twin birth/ DNA test of baby post delivery]

The Local Embassy will charge additionally for preparation of travel document of the baby

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