Surrogacy Egg Donor

Procedure Description

SI's Services
· Recruiting surrogate
· Recruiting egg donors
· Reference IVF / ICSI Lab
· Legal services
· Psychological counseling
· Providing surrogate care for 9 months (care-takers, maids, nurses)
· Antenatal care including delivery
· DNA testing (Paternal / maternal)
· Cord blood storage
· Visa assistance
· Travel, hotel, accommodation assistance in Mumbai

USD Cost
US$ 22,600
Cost Includes

Program Fees
The charges for Single Gestational Surrogacy program will be approximately around USD 19,950.

Stage I $ 8,900
(Surrogate booking; Agreement; IVF / ICSI procedure; Pregnancy test)
· Surrogate investigations, preparation, endometrial priming & booking
· Legal (agreement) charges, Surrogacy India fees
· Follicular monitoring, Procedural (IVF / ICSI) charges, Hospital stay, semen freezing, ET, surrogate care, pregnancy test

Stage II $ 7,900
(Antenatal care; Surrogate medications, investigations, special care, special accommodation, child care, diet, lost wages, Insurance, surrogate clothing)
· First trimester (3 months)
· Second trimester (3 months)
· Third trimester (3 months)

Stage III $ 5,950
(Delivery; Post natal surrogate care; Visa assistance)
· Delivery process (normal / caesarean), birth certificate
· Visa assistance, DNA testing (from UK Lab)
· Surrogate care (2 months) (Medications, stay, care, diet, lost wages)

Stage IV. Optional (Indian Egg Donor) $ 2,950
(Egg donor selection; investigation; booking; fees; medications; egg pick up)
· Egg donor selection, recruitment and booking
· Legal (agreement) charges, agency program charges
· Egg donor investigation, stimulation, monitoring & medications

We charge you as per each stage. SI believes in complete transparency. The payments are made in more than 6 installments over the 9 (nine) month period. In case the pregnancy test is not as per our wish, you will be charged only till embryo transfer.

The charges exclude your transport / stay / food / travel, eligibility testing for Surrogacy and stimulation medications for IM (mother).

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