Procedure Description

Our department is running a full fledged surrogacy program. All your needs will be taken care of under one roof. The virtual tour of our department can be seen on our website

The most frequently asked questions about surrogacy are answered in the file attached herewith.

In short our surrogacy program runs as under -

• The women who are willing to act as surrogates are procured through newspaper advertisements or through agents.
• The surrogate’s profile is created which includes her marital status, obstetric history in detail (how many children, nature of delivery, antenatal, intranatal, postnatal complications), history of infertility, history of recurrent miscarriages, personal history, past medical and surgical history, family history.
• The surrogate along with her husband is counseled about the implications of surrogacy.
• Blood tests of the surrogate are done which included CBC, BT, CT, Thalassemia studies, blood group, basic liver and renal profile, TSH, Prolactin, HIV, HBsAg, HCV, VDRL and subendometrial blood flow.
• Surrogates husband’s investigations are also done which include HIV, HBsAg, HCV, VDRL.

Local Currency
Indian Rupees
USD Cost
US$ 20,000
Cost Includes

The financial aspect is as follows:

• The total charges of gestational surrogacy are Rs. 4 lacs.
• If the surrogate does not become pregnant charges will be Rs. 1 lac.
• If the surrogate becomes pregnant charges will be additional Rs. 3 lacs.
• This includes :-
- Hospital charges.
- Doctor’s charges.
- Surrogate recruitment and workup.
- Endometrial preparations and endometrial transfer.
- ANC.
- Delivery charges.
- Surrogate compensation.
- Drugs and consumables.

• There are some procedures which are not routinely done which may have to be carried out for the safety of the baby and also for the safe outcome of the mother, such as embryo reduction, as tightening, amniocentesis, hospitalization of the surrogate for conditions such as excessive vomiting during pregnancy, anaemia during pregnancy, high blood pressure, diabetes, threatened preterm labour, antenatal or postnatal hemorrhage etc.
• The charges for the above mentioned procedures are EXCLUDED from the normal surrogacy charges.
• For this eventuality, a deposit of Rs. 50,000/- is taken. The charges of abovementioned procedures are adjusted out of this deposit. This has to be paid upfront as soon as pregnancy is confirmed to the hospital.
• Additional compensation for carrying twins would be Rs. 50,000/-
• The hospital will identify a good lawyer to help with the legal documents.
This is at an additional cost of Rs. 25,000/-
• The hospital can look for an economical accommodation for the surrogate. The advantage here is that the surrogate is under regular supervision by the hospital staff and close to the hospital should some crisis arises. This is an ADDITIONAL and OPTIONAL cost which will be discussed in the personal meeting.
• Should the baby require NICU admission the charges will be Rs. 1600/- per day which is inclusive of the nursing and also of the resident doctor. If the baby is put on the ventilator the charges will be Rs. 1500/- per day.
• There is no insurance to cover the surrogate mother and it is recommended that the agreement has a clause built in for some compensation to the family of surrogate in the event that she has an obstetric accident and dies.

• The hospital will charge in the following manner.
a) The workup and the medications including the doctors charges and the hospital charges if surrogate is not pregnant – Rs. 1 lakh.
b) If the surrogate is pregnant – Rs. 1 lakh per trimester for 3 such it will be a total of Rs. 3 lac.
c) Additional deposit of Rs. 50,000/- when the surrogate’s pregnancy is confirmed.

The hospital charges 15% as service charges over and above all the charges applicable to you.

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