Procedure Description

We at Gynaecworld offer every step of the IVF procedure, from consultation to diagnostic tests, egg retrieval and embryo transfers within our centre. By providing these requirements under one roof we reduce your stress of travel within this very busy city.

The team at Gynaecworld has successfully handled a series of cases of gestational surrogacy, and we are extremely proud of our success rates.

Currently we have a waitlist for one month for our surrogacy cycles and can start the recruitment process only after that for you.
On an average we may spend 4 to 6 weeks to screen and recruit a surrogate for you. At our centre, we screen the surrogates for medical illnesses and transmittable infections before starting the procedure.

This is followed by completion of legal paperwork (through a legal advisor) prior to the IVF, to ensure that the baby, after birth, is legally yours.

Local Currency
Indian Rupees
Local Cost
USD Cost
US$ 22,000
Cost Includes

Costs towards each cycle of Surrogacy will involve:

Screening and work-up of the Surrogate (non refundable): Rs. 30,000

Endometrial preparation and transfer (non refundable): Rs.1,25,000

The above charges must be paid prior to commencement of the cycle.

The IVF / ICSI cycle will cost Rs. 80,000 and should be paid before commencement of the cycle. The cost of drugs can vary depending on requirement, ranging from Rs. 60,000 to 1,25,000.

Once the surrogate tests positive, a total sum of Rs. 4,25,000 should be paid within 10 days of the test. This includes payment made towards the surrogate for all three trimesters and her regular medical care. In case the surrogate miscarries in the first trimester, the sum for the second and third trimesters will be returned.

A refundable deposit of Rs. 50,000 must be paid at the time of a positive pregnancy result. This is towards any emergency or multi-fetal reduction which may be required.

A sum of Rs. 70,000 is to be paid towards accommodating the surrogate for the duration of pregnancy with the care taker.

A sum of Rs. 70,000 is to be paid towards the caretaker

Rs 90,000 as one time Insurance cover premium for Surrogate to cover Rs 10,00,000 death liability (optional).

Rs 75,000 Deposit for delivery to be paid directly to Hiranandani Hospital on surrogate's completion of four months.

In case of an ectopic pregnancy, you will be required to pay Rs 75,000 as compensation to the surrogate in addition to the hospital bills, which will be charged as per actuals.

In case of use of an oocyte donor, a sum of Rs. 75,000 is to be paid towards the donor.

Rs. 15,000 should be paid toward screening of the donor. The cost of monitoring the donor is Rs. 20,000.

TESA and PESA if required costs Rs. 40,000 (in case there are no sperms in the semen sample)

The cost for freezing of embryos is Rs. 40,000 (inclusive of 3 months of storage), and the cost of a frozen embryo transfer is Rs. 45,000 (incase of extra embryos- more than 3 formed).

The above charges do not include legal expenses, travel and insurance. For legal advice you may appoint a lawyer of your choice , or we could refer a legal advisor for you.

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