Procedure Description

Surrogacy program

At medical center Intersono functions Surrogacy program, and according to this program our clinic provides a wide range of surrogacy services. We select and examine potential surrogate mothers, provide legal advice and administrative support during the whole period.

Around ten deliveries took place thanks to Surrogacy program.

In its medical data base our medical center has information about women who offer surrogacy services. So, in case a married couple refers to us with with a request to find a surrogate mother for them we offer to choose one from our data base. After that the meeting for the couple and their potential surrogate mother is organised and during it moral and legal aspects are discussed.

We provide the whole set of documentation regarding cooperation between the couple and their surrogate mother, in order to prevent problems with birth certificate issuing after the child delivery.

After signing all normative documentation the parents agree to which time the surrogate mother will work. As the couple and their surrogate mother live in different cities, before the delivery they may rent a flat nearby the hospital for her, in order to be close to her when it would be needed.

Be cautious and do not accept proposition for surrogacy services which you can find on Internet sites from the people you do not know. Because when you decide to when you do the search by yourself there is a high risk of being cheated. Unfortunately, some of these women in order to improve the quality of their living manage to counterfeit medical certificates and this allows them to participate in the surrogacy program. For your personal security we would advice you to cooperate with only respectable and well-known medical institutions.

In case you are interested in the surrogate maternity program we are ready to provide you with all necessary information concerning the substitute maternity program at our clinic.

USD Cost
US$ 23,000
Cost Includes

A self cycle is 23,000.

Using donor eggs costs 25,500.

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