USD Cost
US$ 40,000
Cost Includes

3000 USD - RETAINER FEE INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS of SURROGATE MOTHERHOOD CENTER in U.S.A -cost of all initial consultations, coordination and support with trip #1. Hundred percent refundable if surrogate mother will not be identified.
3000 USD- cost of services of the center including selection of a candidature of a surrogate mother, granting of surrogate mothers database, psychologist decision, complex medical inspection of a surrogate mother in a clinic for human reproduction, certificate of absence of previous charge of a surrogate mother, consent of the husband for his wifes participation in the program as a surrogate mother, legal support of the program up to the conclusion of the contract between the surrogate mother and the genetic parents (Customers), translator services (if necessary), guest services (hotel and transport costs are paid additionally);
10000 USD - compensation to a surrogate mother for all the term of pregnancy (payment in stages 10% on the fact of pregnancy approach, 90% 2 days prior to the birth of a child; money are transferred to the surrogate mother settlement account);
1000 USD - compensation to a surrogate mother if more than one child is born;
300 $ X 9 = 2700 USD - the monthly allowance for 9 months of pregnancy is paid per month;
3000 USD - Program fee #1 in INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS of SURROGATE MOTHERHOOD CENTER in U.S.A --covers all administrative cost and coordination of the process before and after IVF.† Payable only once. Their will be no charge for second attempt.
6500 USD - one attempt of procedure IVF, cost of service of the donor Ovum and full cost of services of clinic, including all necessary medicines for stimulation of the ovum donor and preparation of surrogate mother's endometrium;
4000 USD - Program fee #21 in INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS of SURROGATE MOTHERHOOD CENTER in U.S.A - cost of management and coordination of the process during pregnancy, birth. Support with trip #2 and logistics on the ground. Refundable if pregnancy is not viable
4440 USD - medical supervision during pregnancy - cost of services of clinic and all necessary analyses; cost of sorts in clinic; - medicines during pregnancy (a standard package of medicines, unforeseen circumstances are not taken into account(discounted)); Since 3 weeks of pregnancy till a birth of the child, including childbirth;
500 USD - medical insurance of substitute mum upon accidents;
3000 USD - Official registration of papers on the child, including the certificate on a birth of the child and all documents for the further departure limits of Ukraine, the delivery of the documents to the embassy shall be made by the genetic parents personally;
800 USD - donors compensation;
1000 USD - cost of services of the center including medical inspection and support up to a puncture Ovum donor;
Cost of curator services support and control during 9 months of pregnancy course (full or partial):
25 EUR per day . The full control is around- the-clock residence together with a surrogate mother, performance of homework, accompaniment during visits to the doctor and the full report with work statement; (separate apartment is granted);
10 EUR per hour. The partial control hourly visiting the substitute mother, control of compliance with agreement obligations, meals control, accompanying of the surrogate mother to a doctor;
200 USD - Cost of apartment for one month.

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