Procedure Description

Srushti reports having delivered 24 surrogate babies through March, 2009, with its first surrogate baby delivered in 2002.

USD Cost
US$ 17,800
Cost Includes

Surrogacy Program:

A single IVF cycle: Rs.175,000 (US $3500)

Surrogate Selection: We will choose a surrogate that would best suit for your program and prepare her for Embryo Transfer. The preparation charges will be Rs.75,000 (US $1500). This includes:
- Surrogate investigations, preparation, endometrial priming & booking
- Legal (agreement) charges
- Follicular monitoring, Procedural (IVF / ICSI) charges, Hospital stay, ET, Surrogate care, Pregnancy tests.

Surrogate Compensation Fees : Between 300,000 - 350,000 INR ( US $6000 - $7000). This costs will be incurred by you, if the surrogate achieves positive pregnancy and carries it to full term.

Maintenance charges for the Surrogate during pregnancy : Rs 35,000 / month ( US $ 700/ month until delivery)

The full cost for a single successful attempt is US$17,300 - US$18,300.

(All calculations assume an exchange rate of US$1 = Rupees 50; check current exchange rates)

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