Where can I get Successful Blood Cancer Treatment in Delhi

Blood Cancer Treatment : Overview

Where can I get successful blood cancer treatment in Delhi

The blood cancer is a dangerous disease affecting the proper functioning of infection-fighting cells in the body. It is utmost significant to choose the right physician for blood cancer treatment in Delhi. Indian Medguru Consultants help the international patients to get successful blood cancer treatment in Delhi at affordable price.

Why Delhi for Blood Cancer Treatment?

Delhi is the capital city of India and the most popular medical tourism destination for millions of foreign patients seeking the blood cancer treatment. There are many Cancer Specialist Hospitals in Delhi with international accreditations, best cancer surgeons with international exposure and training, state of the art equipments that are at par with the developed countries, zero waiting time, friendly and efficient nurses and medical staff. Further the cost of the blood cancer treatment in Delhi is highly cost effective and there are few communication problems since English is a second language. The world class and reputed hospitals in Delhi provide exemplary services in the field of medical care.. 

Where is the Best Blood Cancer Treatment Hospital in Delhi?

The best blood cancer treatment hospital in Delhi has the latest technology, best surgeons and staff and modern equipments offering excellent treatments. The following are the best blood cancer treatment hospitals in Delhi:

- Fortis Memorial Research Institute Delhi

Fortis Memorial Research Institute Delhi is a leading hospital in India that provides highly specialized services for the blood cancer treatment in India. It offers the world class quality services and care to the foreign patients by performing the cutting edge surgeries and treatments. This ensures that our international patients leave with pleasant memories after undergoing their treatments with us. Book a quick appointment at Fortis Memorial Research Institutions for successful blood cancer treatment in Delhi.

Get Free Appointmnet with Best Blood Cancer doctors in Fortis Delhi

- Asian Institute of Medical Sciences Delhi

A 425 bedded super specialty tertiary care hospital, Asian Institute of Medical Sciences Delhi is truly futuristic in its services and technology along with most talented medical professionals. The hospital is accredited with NABL and NABH accreditations, equipped with state of the art technology and provides preventive, diagnostic, rehabilitative, therapeutic, palliative and supportive services under a single roof. Our hospital is designed to meet patient care and research needs of the new millennium. It offers end to end services from the early detection to comprehensive treatment, prevention and palliative care. The department features a dedicated and next gen stem transplantation centre that caters to the blood cancers.

List of Best Blood Cancer Doctor in Delhi

The following is list of best blood cancer doctor in Delhi:

- Dr. Vinod Raina

With an experience of 36+ years, Dr. Vinod Raina is India’s foremost medical oncologist who is presently an executive director at Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon. He has performed around 600 transplant for various cancers including the high dose chemotherapy and peripheral blood stem cell transplant in India. Get Confirmed Dr. Vinod Raina appointment Call us - +91-9371136499.

- Dr. Prashant Mehta

A Consultant, Medical Oncology/Hematology & Unit Head, BMT, Dr. Prashant Mehta has completed MBBS, MD (Medicine) and DM (Medical Oncology). He also has European Society for Medical Oncology Certification for excellent knowledge in the field of Medical Oncology. His specialty interest lies in the treatment of hematolymoid neoplasms and disorders such as leukemia, myeloma, lymphoma, myelofibrosis, myeloysplastic syndrome and acute myeloid leukemia NK/T cell lymphoma DLBCL-ABC type. Appointment with Dr. Prashant Mehta phone number - +91-9370586696.

Are there any Packages available for Blood Cancer Treatment for Abroad Patients in Delhi?

The packages available for blood cancer treatment for abroad patients in Delhi are quite affordable as compared to the developed nations such as UK and the US. Even after considering the cost of flight and hotel bills, hospital accommodation in a private and well equipped room with medications, complete sanitation, nursing care and doctor’s fees the cost of blood cancer treatment in Delhi will provide you substantial savings.

Successful Blood Cancer Treatment in Delhi By Indian Medguru Consultants

Indian Medguru Consultants assists the global patients to get successful blood cancer treatment in Delhi by offering the world class medical services at a price that is comparatively cheaper. For further interaction, contact +91-9370586696 or [email protected]

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