Why International Patients looking for Top Cardio Thoracic Surgeon Bangalore of Dr. Shetty?

India boasts out as the top destination for healthcare services and cardiac care is certainly not an exception. India gets hordes of Medical Tourists all across the world for a wide range of healthcare issues including the cardiac problems. One specialty that India owns is the presence of highly skilled and committed Cardiac experts like Dr. Shetty from Bangalore. He is a brand in himself when it comes to treating the cardiac issues. He is one such name in cardiac care, you has been even awarded as the prestigious award like Padma Shri followed by another award called Padma Bhushan by the Government of India for his contribution in cardiac care and giving affordable solutions to the patients suffering from cardiac issues both the domestic and global patients. Having great expertise and professionalism, more and more global patients are looking out for this for Top Cardio Thoracic Surgeon Bangalore called Dr. Shetty. Let’s dig in deep to get the best out of him as under:

Dr. Devi – Career and Life

In order to understand why he is in demand by the patients, you need to take a close look of his life. He holds an important position in the Narayan Health Hospital, which he alone has founded and currently serves the chairman of the same. When he decided to enter into this field, it was not that simple for him, yet he managed all the hurdles with care and professionalism and did his graduation (MBBS) and his MS in general surgery from the known Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore. He headed to train himself in cardiac surgery at Guy’s Hospital in the UK and later in 1989 returned to work in BM Birla Hospital in Calcutta. It was in 1992 when he got the opportunity to carry out his first neonatal heart surgery for a nine year old boy called Ronnie. Since then it was no looking back for him to move ahead in his career ladder doing many complex and simpler cardiac surgeries in branded hospitals like Mother Teresa, Manipal Heart Foundation, and many other places. In his career, he has carried out more than 18,000 heart surgeries.


In his career of 3 decades, he has achieved a number of milestones in his life. In the year 2001, he found his popular healthcare center called NarayanaHrudayala, which is a multispecialty hospital based in Bangalore to cater cost effective healthcare solutions. In fact, at his place, you can find 50 percent less cost effective solutions when you compare it with other hospitals. Besides cardiac care, his hospital also deals with other surgeries including neurosurgery, hascardiology,pediatric surgery, transplant services, nephrology and hematology. His cardiac care hospitals is among the biggest in South India having world class facilities that has the capacity of carrying 30 major cardiac surgical procedures in one day. He aspires to cater more than 15,000 patients every day. He has networked with one of the best institutes of cardiac care all across the world, which helps his institute to grow and develop the best.

What Makes Dr. Shetty Different from others?

His whole idea of serving the population with cardiac issues is to cater the healthcare solutions at affordable cost, which is much lesser to the other hospitals found in India. This is the reason, why he formed his own cardiac care hospital called NarayanaHrudayala at the outskirts of Bangalore. With his vision and mission to make the cardiac care cost effective, he is able to attract not just the local patients but also the global patients all across the world for the high quality cardiac and other healthcare solutions. In other words, the global patients with cardiac issues get high quality services at affordable cost.

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