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Open heart surgery in India is any surgery in which the chest is opened and the surgery is done on the valves, heart muscles, arteries or other parts of the heart. Usually, a heart lung machine will be used during the open heart surgery which helps to send the oxygen rich blood to the brain and other organs. During this procedure, the cardiac surgeon will make a two to five inch long surgical cut in the chest wall. Then the muscles in the area is divided such that the surgeon can reach the heart and fix or repair a valve or perform a bypass surgery.

Open heart surgery is performed to put in the medical devices which help the heart to beat properly, repair the damaged or abnormal areas of the heart, replace a damaged heart with a donated heart, called as a heart transplantation and repair or replace the heart valves that allows blood to travel through the heart.

There are different types of open heart surgeries such as atrial septal defect ASD surgery, intra-cardiac repair ICR surgery, ventricular septal defect VSD surgery, coronary artery bypass grafting CABG surgery and tetralogy of fallot ToF surgery. An open heart surgery such as the CABG will take about four to six hours for completion. This surgery is generally performed in three basic steps- the patient will be given general anesthesia and hence will be asleep and pain-free throughout the whole surgery. The surgeon will make an eight to ten inch cut in the chest and cuts through all or part of the patient;s breastbone in order to expose the heart.

Once the heart is visible to the surgeon, the patient will be connected to a heart-lung bypass machine which will move the blood away from the heart such that the surgeon can operate. In some new procedures, the heart lung machine will not be used. The heart surgeon will use a healthy vein or an artery to create a new path around the blocked artery and will close the breastbone with wire thereby leave the wire inside the body. Then the original cut will be stitched up. Sometimes a sternal plating will be done for the high-risks patients including the advanced aged ones or those who have had multiple surgeries. This is when the breastbone will be rejoined after the surgery using the small titanium plates.

An open heart surgery in India is done to perform a CABG which is required for the patients suffering from the coronary heart disease. This disease occurs when the blood vessels provide blood and oxygen for the heart becomes narrow and hard due to fatty material deposits forming plaque on the walls of the coronary arteries. This will narrow the arteries and make it difficult for the blood to get through it and this can lead to occurrence of a heart attack.

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