Harden led the rocket team

Evans, Jennings and Curry are three votes to 58 points selected for the first team, showing their performance completely conquered the team coach, can be considered deserved The In addition to the three, the Hornets Darren - Collison scored 46 points, the Bull Taki - Gibson won 41 points, the two also successfully selected. NBA rookie best team by the league's 30 team coach vote, respectively, selected five people selected for the first team LOLGA.Inc, five were selected for the second team, do not consider the location factors.

They can not vote for their own coaching team Players, get the first lineup of players get 2 points, the second lineup was 1 point. Yesterday with the Pistons, "beard" Harden led the rocket from the 3-game losing streak came out. After the game, a bunch of journalists contain Harden. When he went to take a bath, some journalists had waited next to his position. He came back from the bathroom and began to wear.

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