VSI new sand making machine routine maintenance

VSI new sand making machine, also called VSI impact sand making machine, is the most advanced artificial sand stone shaping equipment. Maintenance and maintenance is to sand making equipment to better work, delay the service life. So for the new VSI sand making machine, routine maintenance and repair need to pay attention to what the problem? Here we have to sail for your details. (1) Check the various parts of the impeller wearing parts and weeks shield is solid and reliable and wear and tear. (2) Check whether the screws connecting the motor frame and the main body are tight, whether the contact surface is firm and flat, whether the motor wheel and the main wheel are on the same line, and whether the degree of tightness of the transmission belt needs to be adjusted. (3) Each class to clean up the accumulation of material inside the crushing chamber in order to grasp all the circumstances inside the machine cavity. (4) Before starting the machine, check the lubrication station's operation status and fuel supply situation (Lubricating station refueling 35 # bearing oil, 46 # mechanical lubricating oil and 46 # wear-resistant hydraulic oil), and check whether the bearing cylinder oil seal is lack of lubricating grease. (5) Check the main components of the control cabinet is working (voltage. Insurance. AC contactor. Relays. PLC. Main switch. Indicators). (6) once a month to clean the filter, replace the lubricant six months. (7) Is the host running smoothly? Is the motor current overload abnormal?

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