The establishment of Chelsea

On the Sunday morning of 1904, Mills' partner, Frederick Parker, came to him and advised him not to give up, but Mills seemed to have made his mind. When the two men walk to discuss the side, the Mills dog suddenly bite Parker, which pain, but also out of the blood, but Parker did not mind, but also side of a joke. Mills stared at Parker for a moment and seemed to be thinking, and suddenly he said, "You can cope with 'blows'. Maybe Mills thought that he should be the same as Parker LOLGA, optimistic setbacks and frustration At this moment he changed his mind.

You'll be here for me at nine o'clock tomorrow," Mills said, and he chose to stick with it. And the general first team after the stadium is different from the establishment of Chelsea on the contrary, Mills has Stamford Bridge Stadium, he decided to build a team based on this. On March 14, 1905, At the "Butcher Hook" opposite the Stamford Bridge stadium, Mills and the partners held a meeting to decide to set up a new football club. At the beginning, people have expressed their views on the name of the club, "Stamford Bridge Football Club", "Kensington Club", "London Club" and so on are proposed to be rejected, and ultimately, "Chelsea Football Club" was passed, one has been Up to a hundred years of the story kicked off.

The Innovation of Mobile Phone in 5G Era from DSDV Baseband and LCP Antenna Technology

With the advent of dual-SIM dual-4G concept, LTE + LTE has become the highlight of this year's handsets, radio frequency complexity and value are expected to double. Dual LTE is different from the current LTE + 3G mode, is expected to be able to achieve dual SIM card while data traffic online, the biggest pain of business people, stand-alone dual WeChat is not able to become a reality, we will wait and see. This year, the base band must not only be DSDS (Dual SIM Dual Standby), but DSDV (Dual SIM Dual VoLTE).

5G acceleration, the speed will continue to exceed market expectations, smart phones and base stations will be simultaneously promoted, this year's smart phones are expected to gradually start to press 5G RF architecture design. Taking into account this year's innovation to meet more consumer demand, especially in China's high-end business needs. TL-5186

First of all, the baseband chip has been prepared, the mainstream baseband vendors will push DSDV function in the high-end models, is expected to Apple will also be used. Intel announced on the 17th of this month three new baseband chips to support the band below 6GHz, is expected to be used in 2019 terminal, in fact, after Qualcomm has already released Xiaolong X20 LTE modem is expected to commercial in the first half of this year, dual SIM dual standby 3 4 × 4 MIMO on the road converged LTE carrier will be the mainstream solution for high-end machines. As early as 2016, Qualcomm announced its new All-in-One technology, which supports five major architecture models: full dual SIM, full 4G, worldwide network wide, VoLTE, and full Wi-Fi. In other words, a terminal, dual card dual standby, all the world's bands and formats are able to support. STP36NF06FP

MediaTek first introduced in the P30 this year has supported DSDV, Jin as the flagship business brand to become the first models. Judging from the baseband suppliers of Apple, Qualcomm and Intel are still expected to remain the core suppliers this year. Now that the baseband technology innovation is obviously developing towards DSDV, it is expected to popularize this year and once again promote the demand for replacement.

Last November 3, iPhoneX release, after a variety of disassemble analysis, LCP antenna surfaced, iPhoneX for the first time using a multilayer LCP antenna, the design is very complex, the production of high difficulty. After an in-depth understanding of Apple's LCP antenna mainly due to several considerations: the future of mobile phones to 5G (higher and higher frequency) direction, the use of LCP material dielectric loss and conductor losses smaller; iPhoneX full screen, left The antenna's headroom is reduced, the antenna design needs to be changed, and the LCP antenna can save space. The LCP antenna can also replace the RF coaxial connector.

An important trend of antenna design is to integrate the RF front-end circuit of the antenna. As a new material, LCP (liquid crystal polymer material) is very suitable for microwave and millimeter wave devices and has good application prospect. Microwave and millimeter wave RF front-end circuit integration and packaging. The advantages are as follows: Low loss (frequency loss of 60GHz, the loss tangent of 0.002-0.004), flexibility, sealing (water absorption of less than 0.004%). It is based on the above advantages, LCP material can be used to make high-frequency devices.

Multi-layer LCP antennas are much more difficult to manufacture than traditional antennas. Currently, in order to improve the yield, it is necessary to rely on AOI devices for multi-index detection. At present, iPhoneX multilayer LCP antennas are exclusively supplied by MURATA. Some time ago MURATA's RF antenna supply problems have resulted in a series of order transfer. According to Apple's usual practice, other new suppliers will be developed.

5G approaching, multi-layer LCP antenna is very suitable for high frequency, is expected to become the main development trend of mobile phone antenna.

Starting from the iPhone 4 chassis in the box has become part of the antenna, in fact, the same is true of the iphone X, LCP is just a new alternative to PI substrate, antenna manufacturers for material processing technology and terminal engineering capability is more important, more emphasis on the integration of the RF front-end ability. The LCP market recently attached importance, mainly because of the lower part of the iPhone X LCP antenna substrate, in fact, starting from the iPhone 4, LCP has been used for transmission lines, LCP material dielectric loss and less conductor, so as the 5G band rise Used in the antenna. LCP was first used in connectors, so connector manufacturers may have a deeper understanding of materials. Now that cellphone space is more compact and FPC vendors are already entering the supply of antenna components, domestic FPC leaders are offering a UAT Flex this year in the iPhone X. " Also this year's iPhone X's lower antenna section clearly sees a small bracket with spring-loaded connectors and EMI ground contacts with a ribbon cable for feed-in. As a result, the understanding of the antenna in the market is biased and there are many components. FPC manufacturers, antenna metal parts manufacturers and connector manufacturers are all in the industrial chain. However, in the future, the millimeter-wave antenna is expected to be in the form of SiP The ability to integrate SAW, PA, LNA manufacturers the most competitive advantage to the RF front-end integration is the key competition, not just look at the material processing capacity.

Enter the 4x4 MIMO era this year, the front-end integration is higher, DSDV and sub 5G high-speed support will bring an increase in the number of antennas. In fact, starting from the iPhone 6, in general, only the upper and lower parts of the antenna, the antenna on the upper part of iPhone 6 involves Cellular antenna, dual-band WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC and other functions. The lower half of the iPhone 6 antenna involves the Cellular main antenna. This form is just Antenna Diversity, not real MIMO, in fact there is only one transceiver, and multiple antennas are connected to this transceiver. From the baseband chip and 5G planning, 4x4 MIMO if this year by Apple, RF front-end integration will continue to increase, while the number of antennas will increase to meet the transmission speed requirements. The advantage of MIMO is that it is possible to increase the transmission rate without increasing the transmission power and without increasing the bandwidth, and turning the multipath propagation into an advantageous factor. The radio frequency chip circuit system and the transceiver are more more...

Paryż we Francji zbyt łatwo pokonać Real Madryt

 Ranieri prowadzony przez Nantesa, Już wkrótce lider francuskiej ligi Koszulki Piłkarskie Paris Saint-Germain.

Na konferencji prasowej przed meczem, Ranieri został poproszony przez dziennikarzy o silny dialog w Madrycie i Lidze Mistrzów w Paryżu. Z punktu widzenia włoskiego marszałka, Real Madryt w tym pojedynku nieco dominujący, Zaletą jest bogate doświadczenie konkurencyjne zespołu i umiejętność walki z silnymi zespołami.

Ranieri powiedział: " Koszulka Paris Saint-Germain czasami wygrywał zbyt łatwo w zawodach krajowych, Gdy napotkają bardzo silnego wroga na arenie europejskiej, Zespół może mieć pewne problemy. Myślę, że będzie istniała walka Ligi Mistrzów Realu z istniejącą tą możliwością. Z mojego punktu widzenia Real Madryt jest dziś najsilniejszą drużyną piłkarską. Z tych perspektyw Myślę, że prawdopodobieństwo awansu Real Madryt wynosi 55%. Zajmują dwie główne zalety, których Paris Saint-Germain nie ma: Doświadczenie w rywalizacji i umiejętność konfrontacji z silnymi zespołami. "

Best Doctor for Laser Hair Removal in Delhi

Choosing laser hair removal is not enough, but deciding from where to get it done is also one of the most important decisions you need to make. Perhaps, you’ll ask why it is so. The answer is simple; if you are taking laser hair removal treatment under the guidance of a certified and experienced dermatologist, don’t you think it will be safer and better for? Definitely yes!

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New James Harden's adidas Harden Vol. 2 Maroon AH2124

adidas Harden Vol. 2, James Harden's second signature sneaker was first introduced in this boisterous color scheme that sports a melon upper that is also infused with tropical graphics that make for a very loud look. The first pair of the adidas Harden Vol. 2 comes in an Orange finish complimented by the graphic design on the cage overlay. The second pair opts for a tonal finish where shades of Red/Burgundy take care of the entire upper. Features on the shoe include the Harden medallion logo on the tongue, a sock-like bootie, side panel overlays that are also part of the lacing system, a Primeknit-constructed toecap and a super chunky Boost midsole and rubber outsole.

New Yeezy Boost, James Harden is having another great season and his second signature sneaker with the adidas Harden Vol. 2 is unveiled in an upcoming Maroon colorway. The dark reddish hue basically covers the Primeknit upper while navy accents throughout and a brighter red tone is used for the toe. This adidas Harden 2 comes dressed in a Maroon color scheme.Featuring a Deep Burgundy upper paired with Navy accents and a Red Primeknit toe.Additional details includes a customizable lacing system, full-length Boost cushioning, a traction outsole with an extended heel.


Dr. Vinod Raina The Best Cancer Care Provider in Gurgaon, India


The term oncology actually approaches a branch of science that deals with tumours and cancers. Each of the cells of the body has a tightly regulated system that controls their growth, maturity, reproduction and eventual death. Cancers starts when cells in a part of the body start to develop out of control. There are many kinds of cancer, but they all start because of out-of-control growth of abnormal cells. A branch of medicine that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, It includes medical oncology, radiation oncology, and surgical oncology.

Dr. Vinod Raina The Cancer Healer in Gurgaon

Cancer has, now-a-days, become the most commonly occurring disease. Dr. Vinod Raina top oncology specialist in Gurgaon is at the forefront of the battle against cancer. He has brought advanced cancer care to the doorstep of millions of people. Dr. Vinod Raina is one of the top cancer specialists in Gurgaon; he is having more than 35 years of experience in adult, pediatric and geriatric medical oncology. Qualified and experienced for treating all types of solid tumors/cancers and hematological malignancies with chemotherapeutic agents. Dr. Vinod Raina best oncologist in New Delhi is efficient and updated with the newest technologies and practices. He delivers the highest quality and advanced oncology care in a supportive and compassionate environment to all his patients.

Affordable Cancer Treatment by Dr. Vinod Raina Famous Oncologist in Delhi Gurgaon

Cancer is regularly termed as one of the most dreaded diseases. The treatment of cancer normally will become burdensome for individuals who do not have sufficient money, specifically within the western countries. The cost of cancer treatment offered by Dr. Vinod Raina is very affordable he performs organ conservation cancer procedures and stem cell therapy for treating cancer. Approximately, these treatments cost 1/5th to 1/8th of that in the western world. Any cancer treatment cost by Dr. Vinod Raina famous oncologist in Delhi gurgaon is 60-80% low when compared to the similar treatment that is provided by North America and The U.K, without compromising on quality. The patients get benefit from the services of Dr. Vinod Raina cancer specialists and professional assisting staff at extremely affordable rates.

What can you expect from Dr. Vinod Raina Top Medical Oncologist in India during your first appointment?

Cancer is a ruthless disease. It evolves constantly and spreads relentlessly. It's hard to catch and even harder to treat. But that is approximately to change, with precision oncology presented via Dr. Vinod Raina oncologist Fortis hospital Delhi. His unique approach to diagnosing, treating and monitoring cancer that is as precise as it can get. Yes, as part of your consultation, Dr. Vinod Raina top medical oncologist in India will discuss your disease, treatment options, and prognosis. Your prognosis depends on the type of cancer, the stage of your disease when first diagnosed, and your response to treatment. Some cancers are not curable but may be treatable with therapies that provide you with as much quality of life as possible. Dr. Vinod Raina is honest and hopeful, so even if the general statistics look discouraging, each individual is unique and may respond differently to therapy. Depending on your response, Dr. Vinod Raina may recommend a newly approved treatment or a novel drug being evaluated in clinical trials. He sees people do better than expected every day.

Read More : Dr. Vinod Raina Committed to Deliver Leukemia Cancer Care in India

Why India Cancer Surgery Service?

India cancer surgery service has attained tremendous increase & recognition for itself internationally with guide of its notable medical services. A large number of patients from various nooks and corners of the world including USA, Europe, Middle East, Latin America, UK, Africa, SAARC Countries, etc. India cancer surgery service taking entire care of transportation, travel, accommodation & health of patients and their families Friendly, knowledgeable and sincere professionals Clarity in business policies Reasonable charges. India cancer surgery service is operating with the mission to turn out to be a one-stop destination, wherein patients, hospitals, clinics, employers, insurance companies, information and medical providers come together. 

Cancer specialists will help offer answers and solutions to all your problems and suggest treatment schedules, number of appointments and ensure the best treatment, which means your trip will be well planned and fruitful. We ensure that your treatment is completed within the timeframe we decide before. Call Dr. Vinod Raina at: +91-9371770341

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Track all Gmail features at a single place with Gmail inbox !

Starting today, you'll discover three new experiences in Inbox—streamlined events, look capable notices and saved joins—that assistance you better screen things that issue to you and feel more in charge. 

Stay aware of Google Calendar occasions 

Occasions can be hard to screen in your Gmail inbox because purposes of intrigue—and people's courses of action—may change. Inbox now amasses messages from a single event together and shows to you what's changed at first. When you tap on an event, you'll see a broad framework, across the board put. 

Remain over your most loved email pamphlets 

Essentially, it's by and by less requesting to see the announcements you read as often as possible and explore to the articles that interest you most. Additionally, once you've researched the latest, notices will limit to save space in the inbox. Get more details about forgot gmail password instantly here with us.

Store connects to recollect with "Spare to Inbox" 

All in all, your inbox is significantly more than just the messages sent to you. Chances are you've informed yourself an association or two (or three)— to an article you have to examine later or an equation you have to endeavor. By and by rather than sending yourself a group of free messages, endeavor the new "Extra to Inbox" feature to easily save associations for later. 

Fundamentally share the association with Inbox on Android or iOS, or use the new Inbox by Gmail Chrome expansion on web. When you browse your email, you'll see your saved combines assembled in one place. Gmail users can get more of Gmail Help at Gmail Support Number


How to Prepare for 'Open First Box'

Moving is a hectic task undoubtedly and for this you may require professional assistance especially when you are moving for the first time. No matter whether you have chosen DIY move or hire packers and movers Hyderabad company to relocate your home but there are many things that requires your involvement and also your time and enormous efforts from your side. This requires your involvement to supervise a safe and smooth relocation process. Even if you have hired professional movers then you need to pack your personal stuff by yourself and also prepare an 'open first box' for surviving the first night or few days in your new home. It is impossible to unpack all your stuff in your new home just after you arrive at your new home but you would definitely require things for the first night and few days in your house.

Here are some essentials that must be in your open first box:

Toilet or Bathroom Essential

The bathroom essentials like your soap, shampoo, towel, sanitizers, tooth paste, tooth brush, comb, dryer, etc. This will help you and your kids to get fresh at your new house just after your arrival.

Basic Beddings

Of course you will require beddings for surviving the first night and few days, so make sure the box contains beddings. This should contains blankets, sheets and pillow.


Pack your and your kids clothes in the box. You can also pack some formal clothes that you can use to wear for your office and surviving few days.

Kitchen Items

For surviving days you will require food, you can order it from near restaurants but that are not hygienic so you should pack some kitchen items like plates, bowls, ready to eat meals, snacks, etc.

For Pets

If you have pets like cat or dogs then you must take care of packing their meals and bowls so that you can feed them on time. Try to also keep some pet toy.

Make sure you have packed these things in the open first box so that you can not only survive the first night in fact few days in your new house. And for a safe and hassle-free move you must hire packers and movers in Hydreabad company as they are professional and experts of moving and shifting. You can move without any stress with them and can enjoy safe and smooth relocation experience under the supervision of professional movers and packers in Hyderabad.
movers and packers in Hyderabad @
movers and packers in Hyderabad @

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How to identify whether the raymond mill bearing is failing ?

Bearing is a main vulnerable part of raymond mill. During the operation of raymond mill, the bearing can appear some faults due to stress, assembly or other reasons. In order to reduce the impact on production, we need to judge timely whether the failure occurred raymond bearings.

This approach requires experienced staff reached to identify the voice of bearing. You can hear clearly the bearing voice by attaching hydrophone or listening rod on the outside of machine. Bearing even a slight peeling and other damage also unusual sounds and irregular sound, with sound measuring device will be able to tell the difference.

Bearing vibration is sensitive to the bearing damage such as Peeling, indentation, rust, crack and wear and tear can respect from bearing vibration measurement. The measured values due to the using condition of bearing and sensor installation location is different, therefore, prior to analysis and comparison the criteria of each machine and get judgment standard.

The temperature of bearing can be estimate from temperature of bearing outside, and measure directly the temperature of the bearing outer ring through the oil hole is better. In general, the temperature of bearing raised constantly with operation of raymond mill, and keep stability after 1h~2h. The normal temperature of bearing is different according to the heat capacity, heat dissipating capacity, rotational speed and load of the machine. Using thermal device can monitor the bearing temperature at any time, and it sound an alarm when the temperature exceeds a specified level to prevent burning shaft.

Akku HP QK647AA

Als Betriebssystem bietet Acer eine Auswahl von Windows Vista Home Basic bis Windows 7 Home Premium. Zu den Systemtools gehören die Sicherungstools Acer Backup Manager und Acer eRecovery Management. Ebenfalls enthalten sind die Multimediawerkzeuge Cyberlink Power DVD und NTI Media Maker.

Mit einem 17,3 Zoll großen Display wird das Acer Aspire 7739 auch den Ansprüchen eines Multimedia-Anwenders gerecht. Die maximal darstellbare Auflösung auf der glänzenden Anzeigefläche liegt bei 1.600 x 900 Bildpunkten. Eine LED-Hintergrundbeleuchtung sorgt dafür, dass der Bildschirm nicht zu sehr an der Akkuleistung zerrt. Für die Pixelplatzierung ist der Intel HD Graphics-Chip zuständig, der durch einen geringen Strombedarf überzeugt, allerdings eine geringe Leistung bietet. Immerhin verfügt er über einen Decoder, der bei der Filmwiedergabe den Prozessor entlastet. Nach außen gelangt das Videosignal wahlweise per HDMI-Port (Flachbild-Fernseher) oder VGA-Schnittstelle (Monitor).

Ein aktueller „Sandy Bridge“-Prozessor konnte in der Preiskalkulation des Acer Aspire 7739 keinen Platz finden. Stattdessen ist der mobile Rechner mit einem Intel Pentium Dual Core P6200-Prozessor ausgestattet. Der schöpft aus zwei Rechenkernen eine Taktfrequenz von 2,13 GHz. Mit einem L2-Cache von drei MB ist der Prozessor in der Lage, häufig verwendete Daten zwischenzuspeichern. Auch 64-Bit-Betriebssysteme werden unterstützt. Für speicherhungrige Anwendungen stehen der Zentraleinheit 4.096 MB Arbeitsspeicher zur Seite. Die Festplatte ist mit einem Fassungsvermögen von 500 GB großzügig dimensioniert und bietet so auch genügend Platz, um eine Film- und/oder Musiksammlung mobil zu machen. Daten lassen sich außerdem über einen integrierten Multiformat-DVD-Brenner auslagern.

Kommt das Einsteiger-Notebook Acer Aspire 7739 jenseits des Schreibtisches zum Einsatz, liefert der eingesetzte 6-Zellen-Lithium-Ionen-Akku eine Betriebszeit von bis zu vier Stunden. Der mobile Rechner bringt 3,3Kilo auf die Waage bzw. ins Reisegepäck.
Wer derzeit ein 17,3 Zoll Gaming-Notebook mit der schnellsten Single Chip Grafikkarte, Nvidia Geforce GTX 980M, erstehen will, kann nur zwischen sehr wenigen Herstellern wählen. Einer davon ist ASUS mit seiner Republic of Gamers G751JY Serie. Unsere Ausstattungsvariante, das Asus ROG G751JY-T7058H, kostet knapp 1.900 Euro und bietet dafür mit 256 GB SSD, 1 TB HDD, 16 GB RAM sowie einem Blu ray Laufwerk auch eine attraktive Ausstattung, welche sich bei Built-to-Order Herstellern nicht günstiger konfigurieren lässt. Dementsprechend beliebt sind die ASUS ROG G751JY Modelle auch derzeit im Online Verkauf.

Neben der potenten Hardware offenbart das ASUS G751JY auch ein sehr ansprechendes Äußeres sowie eine auf den ersten Blick sorgsame Verarbeitung. Eine Schwäche fällt aber auch direkt ins Auge: Fast sämtliche Schnittstellen haben die Ingenieure auf die rechte Seite des Notebooks gelegt. Somit kann es auf engen Schreibtischen zu Konflikten mit angeschlossenen Mäusen kommen. Wir wollen einen Blick auf die Details werfen und schauen, ob wir noch weitere Störfaktoren am ansonsten erstmal gelungenen Notebook 
Immer mehr mutiert die ROG Gaming Notebookserie vom Kantigen ins Runde, vom Stealth Look zum Futuristischen. Akzente setzt ASUS mit roten Farbtupfern, leider nicht immer ganz glücklich denn ohne aktivierte Hintergrundbeleuchtung ist die ansonsten hervorragende Chiclet-Tastatur kaum zu erkennen. Wir vermissen das gebürstete Aluminium im Innenraum, ASUS hat die Oberseite der Basis und den Displayrahmen (etwas glatter) jeweils mit einem Softtouch-Überzug ausgestattet.Auch die Rückseite des Displaydeckels trägt diese haptisch angenehme Oberfläche. Nur mittig über dem Scharnier ist ein keilförmiger Leichtmetallteil mit dem beleuchteten Republic of Gamers Logo sowie dem ASUS Schriftzug platziert. Die Unterseite der stabilen Basis trägt angerauten Kunststoff, wie ein Clip für einen Dokumentenhefter umgreift das Aluminium das Notebook an der Rückseite zwischen den imposanten roten Kühlergrills. Optisch ist das ASUS ROG G751JY-T7058H auf jeden Fall ein formvollendeter Hingucker.
Das vorgezogene Displayscharnier zeigt bei der Prüfung sehr viel Spiel und hebt die Basis beim einhändigen Öffnen. Auch können wir den Bildschirm unter leichtem Knistern stark verwinden. Das Blu ray Laufwerk ist wie so oft etwas klapprig, ansonsten ist die Verarbeitung dank der Verwendung weniger Teile für das Chassis und geringer Spaltmaße zwischen diesen tadellos. Nur Fingerabdrücke wird man öfter mal von den Oberflächen entfernen müssen.

Sehr komfortabel tippt es sich auf Chiclet-Tastatur. Der Druckpunkt ist knackig, der Hub sehr großzügig und das Tastaturbett fest wie es sein muss. Das WASD-Tastenfeld wurde optisch hervorgehoben, durch die rote Beschriftung kommt man wie erwähnt in dunkler Umgebung nur schwer ohne die Hintergrundbeleuchtung aus. Für Gamer wurde die linke Seite der Leertaste etwas vergrößert und ASUS hat links oberhalb des regulären Tastenfelds Sondertasten integriert: Das Kamerasymbol aktiviert die Shadow Play Aufnahmefunktion der Nvidia Geforce Experience Software, daneben findet sich ein Shortcut für Steam im Big Picture Mode und drei frei belegbare Tasten. Im ASUS Gaming Center, dessen Taste im Ziffernblock untergebracht ist, können auch Makros aufgenommen werden. Auch wenn Gamer sicher oft zur externen Maus greifen, hat ASUS das Touchpad nicht vernachlässigt. Die Oberfläche ist angenehm glatt und großzügig, die dazugehörigen Tasten arbeiten mit einem ebenso präzisen Druckpunkt wie die Tastatur.

Das ASUS ROG G751 Design zwingt sämtliche Ports auf die Gehäuseseiten: Besonders rechts könnte es bei großzügiger Nutzung von Netzstecker, Gigabit-LAN, HDMI, Thunderbolt, der drei Audiobuchsen, zweimal USB 3.0 und einmal VGA dann etwas eng werden auf dem Schreibtisch und man muss die Gamermaus mitunter aufmerksam vor dem Kabeldschungel retten. Links verbaut ASUS das Blu ray Laufwerk, weitere zwei USB 3.0 Ports und den SD-Cardreader. Drahtlos lässt ASUS mit WLAN-ac (Intel Wireless-AC 7260 Dual Band) und Bluetooth 4.0 nichts anbrennen und setzt auf den aktuellen Standard. Eine 2 Megapixel Webkamera mit passabler Qualität im Displayrahmen rundet das Paket ab. Front und Heck des ASUS ROG G751JY-T7058H bleiben blank.
Softwareseitig packt der taiwanesische Hersteller ein paar Anwendungen mit dazu, bei näherer Betrachtung fällt der Nutzen allerdings nicht so groß aus wie gedacht. Das ASUS Gaming Center im Stile der Windows 8 Kacheloberfläche versorgt den Nutzer mit Daten über die aktuelle Speichernutzung und Einstellmöglichkeiten über weitere eingebundene Apps. So kann Nvidias Geforce Experience aufgerufen werden, der Audioassistent und die MacroKey Anwendung. Leider können wir nur die drei freibelegbaren Tasten beeinflussen, wer Steam nicht im Big Picture Modus nutzt oder andere Aufnahmeprogramme außer Nvidia Shadow Play nutzt, hat erstmal wenig von den beiden Shortcuts. Zum Glück hält das Internet Workarounds bereit. Beim Displayprofil (ASUS Splendid Technology) bevorzugen wir „Lebendig“ mit etwas höherem Kontrast und will man nicht auf die Höhen des Soundsystems verzichten bleibt der Audioassistent am besten bei dem Preset „Multimedia“.
Ein nettes Gimmick: Bei Anmeldung erhalten Nutzer 16 GB Speicherplatz in der ASUS Cloud „Webstorage“. Clients gibt es für sämtliche Betriebssysteme.

Warum wir mit dem ASUS ROG G751JY-T7058H trotz minimal schwächerer Ausstattung gegenüber dem MSI GT72-2QE32SR311BW in den Grafikbenchmarks 5 bis 7 Prozent schneller kommen, können wir uns nicht erklären. Mit einem Intel Core i7-4710HQ (2,5 bis 3,5 GHz) ist der gleiche Prozessor verbaut, 16 GB Arbeitsspeicher ist nicht gar so ausladend und der Nvidia Geforce GTX 980M Grafikkarte stehen mit 4 GB Video-RAM nur die Hälfte des Speichers im MSI Pendant zur Verfügung. Und trotzdem: Das ASUS G751 holt etwas mehr aus der Hardware heraus. Bei gleichen Treibern, Taktraten und Temperaturen wird der kleine Abstand auch im Valley Benchmark (HD Extreme Preset) deutlich: 2072 Pkt. (49,5 FPS) vs. 1993 Pkt. (47,6 FPS). 
In Ubisofts forderndem Shooter Far Cry 4 schultert das ASUS ROG G751JY-T7058H die höchsten Einstellungen inklusive der Nvidia Gameworks Einstellungen wie weiche realistische Schatten mittels HBAO+ und PCSS, volumetrisches Licht mit Godrays und Hairworks für das Fell von Tigern und Büffeln. Die fantastischen Grafikeffekte zeigt Nvidia in folgendem Video:

Ebenso erreichen wir in Top-Spielen wie Dragon Age: Inquisition, Titanfall und Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare im Test flüssige Benchmark-Ergebnisse. Die über PCIe 4x angebundene 256 GB SSD hängt dem RAID 0 im MSI Konkurrenten in Sachen Geschwindigkeit nur geringfügig hinterher. Knapp 990 MB/s sequentielle Leserate und 814 MB/s sequentielles Schreiben sind immer noch Traumwerte. Beim zufälligen Zugriff auf 4K performt die ASUS SSD mit rund 6400 IOPS (input/output operations pro Sekunde) etwas langsamer (7080 bei MSI) aber die Unterschiede bewegen sich auf einem rein messbaren Level – die SSD ist rasend schnell.
Aufrüstwillige Nutzer trennen nur eine Gummiabdeckung und eine Kreuzschlitzschraube vom Innenraum. Dort erhält man Zugriff auf die HDD, zwei leere Speicherbänke und einen zweiten 2,5 Zoll Schacht mit einem Einbaukit für die M.2 PCIe 4x SSD. Auch eine vollwertige SATA-SSD findet dort Platz. Beim Speicher handelt es sich um 8GB Module von Samsung: 8GB 2Rx8 PC3- 12800-11-13-F3 (M471B1G73DB0-YK0). Ein zusätzliches 8 GB Modul gibt es bereits ab 75 Euro.

Das matte 17,3 Zoll IPS-Display des ASUS ROG G751JY-T7058H löst mit FullHD in 1.920x1.080 Pixel auf und erreicht damit den besten Kompromiss hinsichtlich Preis-Leistung und Performance. Ein Mehr an Pixel würde zwar auch eine schärfere Darstellung bedeuten, die bei dieser Displaygröße und dem Betrachtungsabstand auch auffällt, die Kosten steigen dafür auch unverhältnismäßig an. Gerade mit Blick auf die Leistung muss man leider sagen, dass auch die schnellste mobile Singlechip-Karte Nvidia Geforce GTX 980M die meisten Spiele nicht mit Ultra-Details und/oder hoher Kantenglättung für die 4fache FullHD Auflösung von 3.840x2.160 Pixel meistert. Genauso eng sieht bei 3.200x1.800 Pixel aus.
Mit einer durchschnittlichen Helligkeit von 313 Candela pro Quadratmeter empfiehlt sich das ASUS G751 auch fürLAN-Parties auf der Terrasse. Reflexionen werden von der matten Beschichtung erfolgreich unterbunden. Das Kontrastverhältnis von maximal 925:1 ist sehr gut, in den Ecken und an den Rändern finden sich allerdings deutliche Lichthöfe wodurch Schwarzbild und dunkle Szenen merklich leiden. Die Blickwinkel sind sehr stabil,die Farben knackig und die Verteilung der Ausleuchtung ist sehr gleichmäßig.