VVDI2 Update to V4.3.1 VAG Copy 38 functions

Original Xhorse VVDI2 Commander Key Programmer for VW/Audi/BMW/Porsche Full Version

VVDI 2 includes all the VVDI functions, the function of Tango, remote control generation and chip identification is improved, and also the coil’s stability has been enhanced. More ever, users do no need to connect VVD2 with computer or other devices to identify chip or detect remote frequently.

VVDI2 latest software V4.3.1 update

************************************************ ********************
*** 2017-08-18
*** Require firmware V4.3.0
************************************************ ********************
===== VAG V4.3.1 =====
1. Copy 48 function: Support Passat B6/CC with 48 transponder
2. Bugfix

===== BMW V4.3.1 =====
1. Improvement for BMW FEM/BDC key learn
2. Bugfix

===== Porsche V4.3.0 =====
1. Bugfix

===== PSA V4.3.0 =====
1. Bugfix

===== Transponder Programmer V4.3.0 =====
1. Bugfix

===== J2534 V4.3.0 =====
1. Bugfix

===== Online Upate Tool V4.3.0 =====
1. Bugfix

===== Quick Start V4.3.0 =====
1. Bugfix

Notes: for 4.3.0 software users just download 4.3.1 can use directly,no need update firmware again.


Intelligent Designs Of ZENITH Mill Overturn The Tradition

As the basis of powder material production equipments, grinding mills attract tremendous attention in the development of industry. As the new global industrial revolution is coming again, combining with modern electrical system, ZENITH makes innovative reference. With the advanced control method, under the principle of prevention and protection, and intelligent monitoring, ZENITH overturns the traditional design concept of operation and the control system of mills. The latest electrical system of ZENITH ‘s large grinding equipments for user to choose mainly includes information acquisition terminal, early warning transmission terminal, and control execution terminal, which finally realizes the integrated central control system and remote monitoring system of visual operation, and precise adjustment. With the industrial controller as the core unit of the whole system, central control system reads the PLC (programmable controller) or ECS (raymond mill) by communication transmission technology to collect status of field device. It can conduct visual adjustment according to materials, fineness and real-time performance of mill by monitoring corollary equipments and main components of grinding center to realize the most reasonable production indexes and the most reliable mill usability. Remote monitoring system incorporates all mill equipments into the Internet of things. Wherever you are, just an Internet-connected computer can allow customers to check the running situation of equipments, historical records at any time, and it can also provide instant early warning service. When there is potential failure in ultrafine mill, it can timely notify the relevant personnel to stop the machine and overhaul, and provide remote mentoring service, conveniently, quickly and with no dead angle. Since the control system of all operation, maintenance, and setup module adopts programming module, to optimize the technological process and production system, you only need to modify the program or reprogram and increase or decrease the corresponding hardware facilities, so as to quickly achieve upgrade, and greatly save time, labor and materials costs.

The American Dental Association Guideline on Gum Disease Treatment

In 2011, the American Dental Association resolved to develop a clinical practice guideline on nonsurgical treatments including SRP. SRP is the process by which dentists remove tartar and plaque that attaches to the tooth surfaces. (

Did you know that children also have the risk of gum disease? Gum bleeding in both children and adults is a jumping witness to announce that something is happening in the supporting tissue of the teeth.

The main cause of the appearance of gum problems or gum disease in the early ages is the accumulation of bacterial plaque on the teeth and gums, especially when there is no dental hygiene. If the plaque is not removed, inflammation occurs in the gum and as a consequence of it, the retraction of the same. That is why it is fundamental that children have good and adequate habits of dental hygiene.

Symptoms Of Gum Disease

There are symptoms that leave no doubt about gum disease in children. A child may have gum disease when presenting:

- Coloring and redness of the gums
- Pain in the teeth
- Bleeding when eating and brushing teeth
- Gum sensation moving and teeth are separated
- Bad breath
- Abscesses in the gums, in some cases

To Prevent Gum Disease In Children

To avoid gum disease in children, in addition to monitoring and teaching children to have a good oral hygiene, it is essential that parents take their children to a periodic dental review from birth. The child's first visit to the dentist should be between the time the first tooth appears (5 to 8 months) and the time when all of his primary teeth are visible (before 2 and a half years). Children who have been accustomed to cleaning their gums and brushing their teeth every day will be more comfortable on visits to the dentist.

Other basic preventive measures to help the child to have good oral health are:

1- Establish regular visits to the dentist, for checkups, evaluations and cleanings.
2- Teach the child to follow a routine of brushing the teeth. From the year of birth, the child can use a small amount of toothpaste to clean the teeth.
3- Examine and monitor the child's mouth to see if there is any sign of any periodontal disease such as swelling, abscesses, worsening, bad breath or bleeding.
4 - Give an example. If parents practice good oral health habits, the children will also.

Hygiene And Cleaning Of Children Teeth

The health of children's teeth should be taken care of from the moment of birth. According to the Academy of General Dentistry, habits for denture care should begin to develop when the baby is four months old, that is, when he or she stops breastfeeding and begins to eat porridge and other foods.

From this age is when the child is born the first tooth and during this stage, the type of food you consume can affect your dental health throughout his life. In fact, it has been determined that there is a correlation between the consumption of sugary drinks during childhood and the subsequent consumption of foods with a high sugar content.

How to Brush Children Teeth?

Children should clean their teeth at least two times a day. It is a good idea to take the habit of brushing your teeth just before going to bed and after breakfast. Parents should teach their children to brush their teeth as if it were a game, especially after age two, which is when most of the child's teeth have come out. Under adult supervision, they may start using a small amount of fluoride toothpaste. Use a small amount of toothpaste.

In the beginning, it is important to explain to the children the need to carry out this habit daily and to preach by example. It is a good idea to start this routine as if it were a game, teaching the technique manually so that you understand that it is important to clean your teeth thoroughly because the bacteria are very ready can cause tooth decay if not eliminated. Prevent your child from feeling that dental hygiene is a form of punishment and makes it part of an expression of love that is based on the nightly ritual. This method is much less traumatic than bringing the child to the dentist to solve problems that could have been avoided.

Limit Sugar Consumption

Too much sugar in childhood can lead to dependence on the adult. 'Adult nutrition habits are formed at the end of lactation; Therefore, it is so important for the baby to develop habits aimed at good dental health, "says Heidi Hausauer, a dentist and spokeswoman for the Academy of General Dentistry. ' Sugar is known to cause tooth decay throughout life. The earlier the baby becomes accustomed to sugar, the more likely it is that when he reaches an adult, he is attracted to foods with too much sugar. "

The Caries Of The Bottle

The fruit juices, for example, are high in sugar and should not exceed ten percent of the baby 's diet. However, a British study shows that the average children follow a diet, of which 19 percent is made up of fruit juices. Fruit juices can cause erosion of the tooth enamel. For this reason, you should never let your baby sleep with a bottle of fruit juice: the newly emerged teeth end up bathed in a substance that causes rampant tooth decay in the teeth and can cause the so-called ' bottle caries '.

No drink, except water, should be taken continuously throughout the day, or served only with food and never at bedtime. Children who are often given medicines with excess sugar at bedtime also run the risk of tooth decay. These cavities are not caused by sugars directly, but by the acids that occur after eating sugary foods and using the bacteria present on plaque or tartar (the white sticky material that builds up on the teeth). The habit of brushing teeth regularly and efficiently is the best solution to prevent tooth decay in children.

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Types of Robotic Surgeries Available in India

Robot-assisted surgery is a new feather in the cap of science which has already created a buzz in medical field. As the name itself suggests, robot-assisted surgery is a procedure which involves the use of advanced computerized technology to achieve a high degree of precision and provide best beneficial outcomes to patients. Unlike traditional surgeries, this surgery does not involve manual work. Respective surgeons use a specialized medical software which is interlinked to a robotic arm. The software creates three-dimensional (3-D) images of patient’s internal body parts. Surgeons continuously monitor these images on a monitoring screen during the surgery. Robotic arm works just like a ‘human hand’. Surgeons carefully manipulate this arm by giving required instructions through medical software. Major advantage of robot-assisted surgery is that even the most complicated procedures can be performed with ease.

                                   Types of Robotic Surgeries


Different Types of Robotic Surgeries Available in India

As far as robotic surgeries are concerned, India tops the list of best robot-assisted surgery providers. This country has a massive range of well-experienced medical professionals who are highly skilled. They have a great success record of performing various types of robotic surgeries. Here is a list of main types of robotic surgeries which are being performed in India. 
Robotic Cardiac Surgery - Heart diseases can be managed successfully with the help of medicines and healthy life choices. However, serious cases need an apt surgical approach. Robotic cardiac surgery treats several heart conditions with the help of computerized devices. If you are suffering from severe heart problems such as coronary artery disease or valvular disorders, then you may consult cardiac specialists in India to know whether you are eligible for a robotic cardiac surgery. 
Robotic Gynecologic Surgery - Robotic gynecologic surgery may prove a better alternative to laparoscopic or open surgical procedures. It can be performed for treating various uterus-related problems in women especially fibroids and pelvic prolapse. This surgery will significantly reduce the chances of intense pain and heavy blood loss. 
Robotic Urologic Surgery - Robotic prostate surgery may prove beneficial if you are struggling with health conditions like prostate cancer, bladder cancer, kidney failure and urinary blockage. It can be performed with the help of small incisions and it involves much less trauma as compared to conventional surgeries. 
Robotic Colorectal Surgery - Robotic colorectal surgery is capable of treating conditions like colon cancer, rectal cancer and inflammatory bowel disease. Success ratio of this robot-assisted surgery in India is quite high. However, not everyone is a good candidate for undergoing this surgery. You may visit a qualified surgeon to understand the potential benefits as well as complications associated with robotic colorectal surgery. 

Why Should You Opt for Robot-Assisted Surgery in India?

India is one of the finest medical destinations across the globe. This country has an impressive network of well-furnished health care centers and highly talented doctors. To be honest, robotic surgery cost in western nations like United States and Norway is very expensive. If you are looking for high-quality as well as cost-effective treatments, then India is the ultimate medical tourism destination. Here you will get best robotic surgery at nearly a fraction of the amount which other western nations demand normally. In addition to this, Indian doctors follow international protocols to ensure your safety. Therefore, you can rely on such medical services and visit India for availing excellent healthcare treatments. 


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Battery for Samsung AA-PB2NX6W

Lowery’s proposition is that in the long term, musicians and songwriters will gain more than they lose in the short term. YouTube and Pandora offer a fraction of the royalties returned by sites such as Spotify (which isn’t very much anyway), and the free tier drives down the price. Therefore, doing what you can to sabotage the ad-supported sites is the ethical thing to do.“In the fight for fair pay, artists are not at war with the internet or really even the streaming services, we are at war with the online advertising industry,” Lowery explained.How much of a hit would artists take if every ad-supported music streamer went dark? Less than you think, Lowery suggests. The removal of Spotify’s free tier would see their payments drop only 16 per cent.“But let's not get too distracted by that because the real crime is that YouTube pays so little it’s a joke,” he argues. “YouTube revenue is not gonna save artists and or the industry at large. I will barely miss it. And YouTube is clearly inhibiting the growth of subscription services that pay higher revenues.”

Spotify has argued that if the free tier disappears, people will simply steal music. But that overlooks two factors: people pay for convenience, and a good streaming site saves you a lot of time and trouble. And the cost of Doing The Right Thing is pretty low; a tenner a month barely buys two pints of beer in London. Nor is the idea of “ethical shopping” radical or new. Much is made of the power of consumers boycotting unethical businesses, but it’s slightly hypocritical to boycott arms dealers or oil companies or big tobacco, but then shun licensed music sources which pay musicians.The music industry traditionally left songwriters and musicians last when it came to money, but the new tech oligarchs offer them even less. Pandora and YouTube are very different animals, but both have benefited from weak copyright law, albeit in very different ways.Pandora takes advantage of the uniquely socialist system of a state-administered compulsory collective licence, with US Courts setting the price of music. Songwriters simply can’t opt out. It’s a weird hangover from a consent decree on performing rights societies. ASCAP, the US equivalent of the PRS, can’t refuse a licence to a broadcaster, while the broadcaster is only obliged to enter into negotiations. In this case, the rights-holder is denied the most fundamentally property-like aspect of a property right: excludability.YouTube also benefits from a lack of excludability. As we explained here, YouTube can use a quirk in the DMCA to avoid having to put a stop to an unlicensed supply chain. The odds are stacked against anyone trying to enforce the legal supply chain. As a consequence of the DMCA loophole, YouTube generates about $1 per user, while Spotify generates $18.

In neither situation can the musician enforce their copyright cheaply and effectively and get on with making music. The deck is stacked in favour of the middleman using the music. The all-powerful middleman today is Big Tech. But changing copyright in favour of the little guy takes time, and isn't easy, especially when Facebook, Google and others have grown so wealthy from it and lobby hard against it.Lowery thinks Google's dependence on data-mining and insipid copyright makes it uniquely “fragile”, to borrow Taleb’s usage, and vulnerable to disruption. A mass consumer revolt against privacy invasions, personal data mining, and unethical behaviour could leave Google vulnerable.“My 60:40 bet is they are not nimble enough to do so without a serious hit to their revenue.”But the internet isn’t about Google, or about adtech, he says. The internet couldn’t care less about Google.Thomas Wengierow, who is 47 and originally from Lithuania – from whence he returned to attend court today – has admitted to emailing himself copies of customer's personal details from Tesco's database while working at Tesco's Baird Avenue centre in Dundee.Wengierow will be sentenced next on the 20 May. Sheriff Lorna Drummond QC deferred sentencing to receive social work background reports on Wengierow, so the court could consider a community-based sentence instead of prison. LG has conducted a developer day to interest gadget-makers in developing third-party modules for its LEGO-like G5 smartphone.

When we first set eyes on the G5 we called for LG to enable a proper ecosystem for the device. LG officials The Register spoke to at the phone's Australian launch today said an effort to do so is now well and truly under way.LG did not wish to disclose details discussed at the developer event, but did reveal that peripheral proposals included a snap-in projector it is hoped will relieve sales people of needing a laptop to deliver presentations. A credit card reader has also been discussed and monster batteries have been raised.LG's pitched the G5 squarely at consumers, but officials we spoke to today are keenly aware of the phone's potential in business, as a modular phone is seen as a way to provide specialist functionality for phones used in niche applications. Organisations that aren't quite willing to sign up for phones-as-a-service from carriers or specialists and want the ability to do some repairs or upgrades are also on the company's mind.In Australia, the phone comes with an offer that will interest individuals and businesses alike: a free replacement screen if the display is accidentally broken in the first six months after purchase. The offer only applies for phones bought for the next few months, but LG sees it as an extension of the phone's modular concept.


Batterie pour ASUS A31-B43

Sur Android, vous pouvez trouver la fonctionnalité dans le menu déroulant sur le côté gauche de l’écran.Une fois que vous avez votre propre QR code Twitter, vous pouvez le coller où vous voulez, non seulement sur votre page Twitter, mais aussi sur des cartes de visite ou d’autres documents physiques si vous le souhaitez.Cette dernière initiative est l’un des nombreux espoirs que Twitter place en sa plate-forme pour vous aider à stimuler la croissance de l’utilisateur.Western Digital annonce aujourd’hui le lancement de sa solution WD PiDrive Foundation Edition pour le Raspberry Pi, disponible dans trois modèles qui offrent des capacités de stockage différentes.« Notre solution WD PiDrive, qui en est à sa troisième génération, a évolué de la même manière que les ordinateurs, passés au fil du temps du stade d’une disquette souple hébergeant le système à celui d’une disquette souple associée à un disque dur stockant le système d’exploitation et des applications. Ainsi, nous avons regroupé nos technologies de carte SD et de disque USB pour proposer une solution plus performante puisque chaque composant du système bénéficiera de leur puissance », explique Dave Chew, ingénieur en chef chez WDLabs. « L’arrivée de cette nouvelle solution est comparable à celle du disque dur sur le marché, qui a sonné la fin des disquettes souples qu’il fallait insérer et retirer des ordinateurs ».

Bien que semblable à ses versions précédentes, ce WD PiDrive Foundation Edition est livré avec une carte micro SD avec le programme d’installation New Out of Box Software (NOOBS) OS est préchargé. Ceci vous permet d’installer l’OS officiel de Raspberry Pi, Raspbian PIXEL, sans avoir besoin de fichiers supplémentaires. Cela va faciliter l’installation des systèmes d’exploitation sur le disque USB.Grâce à sa grande capacité, le disque est équipé de la fonctionnalité Project Spaces qui permet d’installer plusieurs instances du système d’exploitation et, ainsi, de créer des espaces indépendants dédiés à la création de projets ou à la prise en charge d’un grand nombre d’utilisateurs disposant chacun d’un espace de travail distinct.Votre Raspberry Pi va adorer ce stockage supplémentaire !Votre Raspberry Pi va adorer ce stockage supplémentaire ! « Les adeptes du micro-ordinateur Raspberry Pi vont être conquis par notre solution WD PiDrive Foundation Edition », assure Matt Richardson, évangéliste produit de la Raspberry Pi Foundation. La fonctionnalité Project Spaces va fournir aux utilisateurs davantage de moyens pour créer, expérimenter et se divertir avec leur Raspberry Pi. Les espaces Project Spaces sont des portions indépendantes du disque qui fonctionnent avec Raspbian Lite, un OS minimal permettant de concevoir des solutions aussi efficaces qu’élaborées à l’aide du mode programmation par lignes de commande.

La solution WD PiDrive Foundation Edition est proposée dans trois capacités différentes avec un disque dur de 375 Go, un disque dur de 250 Go ou un disque flash de 64 Go. Les modèles dotés d’une capacité de 375 Go et 250 Go sont équipés d’un câble WD PiDrive qui garantit une alimentation optimale du disque dur et du Raspberry Pi.La solution WD PiDrive Foundation Edition est disponible à partir de 40,90 euros pour sa version 375 Go et de 31,90 euros pour le modèle 250 Go, et 20,90 euros pour sa variante avec disque flash 64 Go.iPhone 8 est actuellement attendu pour une date de sortie fin 2017, et les dernières nouvelles suggèrent que nous allons voir trois versions du téléphone, au lieu des deux traditionnelles options. Apple prépare peut-être un iPhone 8 Plus avec un écran LCD, ainsi qu’un autre smartphone de 5,5 pouces avec un écran OLED.Bien que la technologie d’écran soit différente, on peut légitimement penser que ces derniers vont mettre en exergue la configuration de caméra à double lentille, introduite avec l’iPhone 7 Plus. Ces smartphones seraient lancés aux côtés d’un iPhone 8 traditionnel, et son écran LCD de 4,7 pouces, et son capteur mono-objectif.

Je pense que l’on peut également prédire sans trop de crainte que la version plus haut de gamme de l’iPhone 8 Plus sera également plus chère que les deux autres versions du téléphone.La rumeur émane d’un analyste de KGI Securities, Ming-Chi Kuo, qui, bien qu’il annonce généralement des informations authentiques sur les produits Apple, se trompe de temps en temps. Autrement dit, il faut prendre cette information avec des pincettes jusqu’à ce que celle-ci soit officialisée.Allons-nous voir deux déclinaisons du modèle "Plus" de l'iPhone ?Allons-nous voir deux déclinaisons du modèle « Plus » de l’iPhone ? Il est spéculé qu’Apple va également retirer le bouton d’accueil de l’iPhone l’année prochaine, et placer le capteur d’empreintes digitales Touch ID sous l’écran, dans ce qui sera presque une conception sans bords d’écran. Kuo n’a pas abordé la conception de l’iPhone 8 dans cette nouvelle rumeur. À l’heure actuelle, nous connaissons peu de chose sur les futurs iPhone 8 et iPhone 8 Plus. Ce n’est pas réellement surprenant, puisque les smartphones n’arriveront pas sur le marché avant la fin de l’année prochaine, et peut-être même en 2018.

Si Apple suit sa traditionnelle convention de nommage pour ses smartphones, alors l’année prochaine nous devrions voir l’iPhone 7S et l’iPhone 7S Plus. Vous l’aurez compris, il faudra être patient…À son premier événement Connect en 2013, Microsoft a publié Visual Studio 2013. En 2014, elle a annoncé l’ouverture du code source de .NET, et en 2015, l’ouverture des sources de l’éditeur de code Visual Studio. Et cette année ? Microsoft, la société qui a construit un empire sur du logiciel propriétaire, a rejoint la Linux Fondation.Est-ce réellement une surprise ? Microsoft vient d’annoncer par le biais d’un communiqué que la firme de Redmond se joint aujourd’hui à la Linux Fondation comme un haut membre Platinum.Pour ceux qui l’ignorent, la Linux Fondation est un groupe technologique sans but lucratif qui favorise la protection et la standardisation Linux en procurant les ressources et les services centralisés nécessaires à concurrencer de manière efficace les autres systèmes d’exploitation. Elle fournit des outils, des formations et des événements à l’échelle de tout projet open source. Microsoft contribue déjà à plusieurs de ses projets, y compris la Fondation Node.js, OpenDaylight, Open Initiative Container, R Consortium, et l’Initiative Open API.