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I've received favorable comments about the Surrogacy India Guide. I'm adding the forum to provide a place for intended parents to ask and answer questions.

I've been trying to get in contact with Rotunda, Akanksha and Delphi IVF about their surrogacy program though their contact us site but haven't received a response so far. Should I call them instead? Also, how does this process work? Do they send me an application for me to complete and then wait for them to select a surrogate for me? Also, how long does the process take? Additionally, I may have to get an egg donor in India in addition to a surrogate, does anyone know the additional cost of the egg donor?

Thank in advance for any response. Also, for all of you out there trying and waiting so long to have a baby, I am in the same situation and I sympathize 100%.

Kris - each of the agencies had different speeds of response. I do suggest emailing several times (every time you have a question). If you expect 1 email sent results in one response received, you'll end up having quite a bit of frustration. If, instead, you pretty much expect to send a couple emails every time you want a response, you'll get less frustrated.

Calling would also be a good idea. Again, you may have to call several times to speak with Dr. Kadam (Rotunda) or Dr. Patel (Akanksha) as they are quite busy.

Each of the clinics will fill you in on the process. They'll probably want some medical tests and an initial payment before getting started.

The process from payment to a surrogate being ready can be 2 to 6 months. It depends on how much of a backlog the clinics have.

Check with the clinics on the additional cost of egg donors. Some of them do offer this service. Looks like Rotunda charges about 175,000 Rupees for this service.

we would like to join the forum please send in the procedure to [email protected]
thanking you
b makharia

Does anyone have any information on BecomeParents surrogacy program in Mumbai? They are newer so I am hoping for some feedback from people on news, results, doctors, etc. THe director has been fantastic with email responses and answering questions but I am hoping to contact someone who is in the program already or even had a successful birth. Thanks!

The pea in a pod forum (registration required) has some info.

Seems they are new and it's not clear they've had any successful pregnancies.

They also seem to drop in and out of communications, including on the Yahoo! board and with IPs seeking to contact them.

I am the International Patient Coordinator at Delhi-IVF. We apologize for any difficulty in getting thourgh to us. Our clnic is very busy. We are currently updating our website. The new website will have detailed information about our service and about our surrogacy program. In the meantime international patients may call: + 91 9810627716.

Hey been surfing this site for a while now and decided i would sign up and spread the word!

I'm ed :)

(please move this if its in the wrong place and bare with me, I'm new!)

Hello ,
I'm an agency relationship with New India life, their website is
they ask me to pay the agent in advance ...?
Is there any people who know them? who have worked with them? give me your opinion please?
Thank you

We are also looking at using New LIfe India and we were wondering how you are going with the whole thing.
Still have a few unanswered questions like what clinic do they use or do they have their own.
Be interested to hear about your experience.
Have not been able to find out a lot except that they affiliated with New Life Ukraine which supply egg donors to many clinics in India.
Any help would be appreciated>

New Life have 4 locations- Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia and India. They specialise in Egg Donors, Surrogacy and ED Surrogacy. Because of their sister clinics, they can offer Caucasian egg donors from Ukraine or Georgia who fly to India for fresh cycles ( the donors have been travelling to India for the last 2 years). The donors can be chosen from their on-line database with a password. They use Adiva and several other clinics for the procedures, basically you can choose your preference. Surrogacy with a caucasian egg donor costs 29,350 USD total. Less for Indian Ed or self surrogacy.
There is NO advance agency fee. Not sure who has asked you for this?
Once you choose a donor, you need to make your first payment to reserve her and for her to start meds, no different to other clinics, except they don't have a registration fee.

We are thinking of using a US based agency called Globalized Conceptions for our Indian surrogacy journey.

Has anybody used them and if so, what did you think?


We have used Global Egg Donors and are going through Corion Clinic in Mumbai as we have previously undergone IVF/Surrogacy with Corion last year without success. We are now ready to move forward with an ED through Global egg donors. Very excited as we have used Corion twice last year and think Dr Kaushal is wonderful.

My wife I need to ship our embryos from US to India (specifically Surrogacy India). Does anyone have recent experience with this? Any help is appreciated.

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