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Medical facilities
All surrogacy medical treatment is carried out at Phoenix Hospital, a private specialist mother and child hospital located in South Delhi. The hospital’s aim is to provide world-class treatment to women and children at affordable prices. Phoenix Hospital offers gynaecological, obstetric, infertility and IVF treatment to a range of clients from India and abroad. The IVF clinic offers ultra-modern world-class IVF/ICSI facilities, including assisted laser hatching, pre-genetic screening, sperm and egg donation, and sperm, egg and embryo freezing. Phoenix Hospital was the first facility in northern India to offer spindle view imaging technology for assessing egg quality and safeguarding eggs during ICSI.

Surrogacy Centre India in conjunction with Phoenix Hospital team includes a psychological counselor, fertility specialist, IVF coordinator, endoscopic surgeon, andrologist to treat male infertility, a visiting ultrasonologist, experienced obstetrician, pediatrician and specialist neonatologist. We also offer the services of a visiting embryologist from London. Our neo-natal intensive care unit (NICU) provides world-class facilities for newborn and premature babies. We provide care for our clients 24 hours/day, seven days per week. Phoenix Hospital chief executive officer Dr Deepak Sehgal has a distinguished career practicing pediatrics in New Delhi for more than 30 years. The Government of India has awarded him the civilian honour “Padmashri” in recognition of his sterling services to women and children.

The majority of our clients – some 75 per cent – are international couples seeking our help to become parents. We treat Indian couples with both surrogacy and IVF. Many of our foreign couples are British, having been referred to by Hammersmith Hospital in London. We have a growing clientele from Australia, Europe and the United States. We welcome married couples, single mothers, single fathers and gay couples for surrogacy treatment.

Clients must be medically infertile to be accepted into our program. Gay couples and single parents are considered medically infertile under Indian law. Intended mothers must provide evidence from an infertility specialist to confirm they are unable to carry a pregnancy. We can provide you with references from many happy clients who are now enjoying parenthood.

Our surrogates are all young women- less than 35 years of age - who have proven fertility - they have a child or children. Friends or relatives of experienced surrogates refer potential surrogate mothers to our program. They also approach us after learning about our program through the media. Not all women who approach us are accepted into our program. All surrogates undergo extensive psychological and physical testing to ensure they are medically fit and emotionally prepared to commit to the requirements of our program and carry a pregnancy for our surrogacy clients.

Medical testing performed on our surrogates includes screening for infectious and sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, hepatitis B and C, syphilis, malaria, tuberculosis, and thalassemia. They undergo general health testing such as blood screening, full blood count, and urine analysis and thyroid function tests to ensure they are physically well. Our surrogates undergo fertility testing including pelvic ultrasound, hormone levels for FSH, LH and estrogen.

Cycling yourself
We assist many intended mothers who wish to cycle with their own eggs. We offer the choice of completing an entire IVF cycle in India, or can coordinate treatment with your IVF specialist at home. Please refer to our “self-cycle’ information sheet.

Egg donors
SCI offers the services of Indian egg donors who wish to assist you with the gift of life. Our donors are intelligent, caring women who are medically screened and psychologically counseled about their role in helping you to become parents. Our partner egg donor program, Global Egg Donors, offers caucasian and other race donors from a variety of countries. Pease consult our colleague Robin Newman at

All donors provide their eggs to the intended parents anonymously. You will not receive any identifying information about your donor, nor will they receive any identifying information about you. On occasion we accept known donors that you organize yourself, but for legal reasons, we cannot accept a donor who is a relative of the intended parents.

Case managers
Surrogacy Centre India is the only surrogacy clinic in India to provide clients with English speaking case. Your case manager will assist with your inquiries, payments, travel and accommodation and will be available for the duration of your pregnancy providing practical and emotional support. You have the option of participating in an online forum for intended parents, all whom are becoming parents through surrogacy in India.

Our success rates
The success rate for any surrogacy treatment with any clinic will depend on the age of the intended mother, her fertility hormone test results and the quality of embryos she produces. With assistance from a young Indian donor and surrogate mother our fresh transfer success rate is 50 per cent live birth. Frozen embryo transfer success rates are around 40 per cent with good quality embryos where the genetic mother is less than 35 years of age. When comparing success rate statistics between clinics please ensure the rates quoted are for live birth, not pregnancy.

Local Currency
Indian Rupees
Local Cost
USD Cost
US$ 23,000
Cost Includes


As of Februrary 2010, the basic surrogacy package price is 1,080,000 rupee (approximately AUD$25,000/US$23,000) for a single live birth, baby delivered, without an egg donor.

See the attached files for details on pricing and the price schedule.

Surrogacy Centre India (Phoenix Hospitals)


Surrogacy Centre India’s surrogacy program is lead by Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour who reports to have successfully delivered more than 25 babies for both Indian and international clients. Surrogacy Centre India reports that it handles an average of ten surrogacy cases per month.

Surrogacy Centre India operates at Phoenix Hospitals, which was started by Dr. Deepak Sehgal, a child specialist, and his wife Dr. Urvashi Sehgal, a Gynaecologist & Obsterician. Both of them have been practising medicine in Delhi, India, for the last two decades. While they always practiced from their own Clinic, medical procedures were carried out at the city hospitals. In 2000, they felt the need to be able to provide complete care to their patients from their own premises, and opened Phoenix Hospital.

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