Overseas Hip Resurfacing testimonials

In trawling the net for information about hip resurfacing, and especially hip resurfacing overseas, I found quite a bit of interesting information. First, the U.S. doesn't seem to have approved hip resurfacing procedures until 2006. As a result, the most experienced hip resufacing doctors are, in fact, outside the U.S.

Just as interesting, there are a wide range of sources with hip resurfacing testimonials. The folks at SurfaceHippy have probably put together the most comprehensive site, with quite a range of good information including:
- Over 20 video or written doctor inteviews
- Over 100 patient stories covering over 30 doctors

Here on the Global Doctor Options site we include information about the costs of hip replacement and hip resurfacing at various hospitals (some of which are included above), see:
- Hip Replacement costs and information
- Hip Resurfacing information

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