Other People's experiences: Blogs, Forums and Articles

The Surrogacy India Guide covers many of the issues involved in pursuing surrogacy in India.  To build on the guide information (table of contents on the left), the blogs, forums and articles below cover various individual's more personal experiences in their journey to having a baby via surrogacy. 

Blogs from people pursuing surrogacy:

Blog / Site Country Clinic(s) Used
Crystal's Blog United States
Faith to Vishwas United States
Flight of the humble bee Australia
From India With Love... Australia
Here we go again India
Hope in India Australia
India Surrogacy Trip United States
Indian blessing Australia
It’s a Butler Life United States
Kan man få alt man vil ha? (Norwegian and English posts) Norway

Other forums and support groups:

Most of these forums, even if they lean toward affiliation with a particular clinic, will allow anyone to join and participate in discussions.

Oneinsix forum (unaffiliated, tries at Rotunda and Akanksha)
Surrogacy in India Yahoo Groups (unaffiliated/independent Yahoo Groups surrogacy forum)
Surrogacy India Forum (affiliated forum, run by Surrogacy India; its heavy moderation causes controversy (1,2,3,4, 5, 6) but provides valuable information)
Dr. Patel Support Forum (unaffiliated, run by a Dr. Patel client that had a successful surrogacy, not run by Dr. Patel)
Pea in an Indian Pod (affiliated forum; run by case manager for Surrogacy Centre India (Dr. Shivani))
Us Proud Parents (affiliated forum; run by case managers for Surrogacy Centre India (Dr. Shivani))
Baby Dreams...From India with Love Forum  (unaffiliated, run by a successful Dr. Patel client)
Parents Pursuing Surrogacy
Surrogacy U.K. Message Board (registration and qualification required - U.K. citizens only)
Surrogacy101 (Blog covering surrogacy)
Surrogacy India on Wikihow

News Articles and Reports:


More Sites:
Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology: More IVF centric, but does include IVF outcomes, including for gestational surrogacy in the U.S.
National Guidelines for Accreditation, Supervision & Regulation of ART Clinics in India

OurIndiaIVF (40 page booklet of surrogacy experience with Dr. Patel; US$20)
Two Flew Over a Cuckoo's Nest (eBook of Nikki and Bobbi's experiences, requires donation, outlines experiences with their 10 clinical surrogacy attempts)


This is a great site and really comprehensive - well done and THANK YOU!

This is great information! Thank you! Just wanted to add that we (millionrupeebaby.blogspot.com) welcomed our daughter in March 2009.

Thanks for the update and congratulations! We updated the page above to reflect the great news!

Hello to all.

The forum is nice effort. Looking forward to contribute to it.


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