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Updated fixed price procedures from Parkway Health in Singapore

Parkway Health in Singapore has announced fixed price packages for over thirty procedures, valid through 31 March, 2010. Although the package prices are for routine cases without complications, and eligibility for the packages can only be established after a doctor examination, the continued move toward pre-defined fixed prices is very refreshing.

A wide range of procedures are covered including:
- Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) with 3 grafts or less at S$23,000 (about US$15,400 at current exchange rates)
- Total Hip Replacement (Unilateral) with a 5 day hospital stay at S$19,000 (US$12,700)
- Cataract (per eye) with Anaesthetist at S$3,450 (US$2,100)

The full list of procedures included can be found at  Prices do not include Singapore sales tax, which adds 7% to the more...

Surrogacy – Celebrities Raising Awareness

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick recently announced that they’ll be having twins this summer. And they’re not the only ones. According to Ireland’s Independent, Robert De Niro, Kelsy Grammer, Agnela Basset and Ricky Martin have all resorted to surrogacy. Melissa Brissman, head of a U.S. surrogacy law firm, says that “We’re now seeing a lot of celebrities using surrogates to have children which, in turn, is making the process more socially acceptable among ordinary Americans." more...

Use of overseas specialized clinics - Individuals will continue leading the way

Jason Hwang, author of "The Innovator's Prescription - How Asia can disrupt global healthcare" makes a number of interesting points that patients looking to overseas travel could heed.

First, he feels that specialist clinics can carve a niche of quality and affordability that general hospitals cannot achieve. Examples of specialist clinics include Shouldice Hospital in Canada, focused on Hernia repairs, and the Avarind Eye Hospital in India, which has fixed prices, guaranteed outcomes, and has become the worlds largest and most productive eye care more...

The American Medical Association recognizes overseas medical care

By publishing its guidelines on overseas medical travel in 2008, the American Medical Association has recognized the role that overseas medical procedures plays in meeting the U.S. healthcare needs. While the guidelines are somewhat brief, and aimed more towards insurance providers and employers, they do also provide individuals some additional guidance in choosing whether or not to pursue overseas medical options.

The guidelines themselves say:


The AMA advocates that employers, insurance companies, and other entities that facilitate or incentivize medical care outside the U.S. adhere to the following principles:
(a) Medical care outside of the U.S. must be more...

India Surrogacy: Real successes with affordable costs

US$United StatesCosta RicaIndiaMexicoSingaporeThailand
Surrogacy in United States
Surrogacy in Costa Rica
Surrogacy in India
Surrogacy in Mexico
Surrogacy in Singapore
Surrogacy in Thailand

It would have been difficult for us to afford surrogacy in the U.S., so we explored and subsequently pursued surrogacy in India. This site collects much of the information we learned or found during our research. It certainly would not be possible without the writing and contributions of the many others who are also pursuing surrogacy. Where appropriate, the various guide pages reference other blogs or forums that have additional information. The Internet has really made it much easier to research, collect, and share information. Please do contact us if there are additions, updates or corrections you feel we should make to any of the more...

Overseas Hip Resurfacing testimonials

In trawling the net for information about hip resurfacing, and especially hip resurfacing overseas, I found quite a bit of interesting information. First, the U.S. doesn't seem to have approved hip resurfacing procedures until 2006. As a result, the most experienced hip resufacing doctors are, in fact, outside the U.S.

Just as interesting, there are a wide range of sources with hip resurfacing testimonials. The folks at SurfaceHippy have probably put together the most comprehensive site, with quite a range of good information more...

Cost is not the leading driver of Medical Travel - McKinsey

The McKinsey Quarterly recently released results its new report titled Mapping the Market for Medical Travel. It describes multiple market segments for medical travelers. Interestingly, cost is not the leading driver of medical travel or the leading market segment for medical travel. According to their survey, the main reasons people travel outside their home country for healthcare are:
- Most Advanced Technology (40%)
- Better-quality care for medically necessary procedures (32%) more...

How can you check the quality of an overseas hospital?

Judging the price of a procedure is pretty straight forward.  Most overseas hospitals provide fixed prices for procedures.  Quite refreshing for American patients.  But juding the quality of a hospital or doctor can be more challenging.  Although many overseas hospitasl are high quality, how can you comfirm that for yourself?  Here are the steps you can take and the questions you can more...

How does Medical Tourism Work?

The first step for a patient seeking medical treatment overseas is to either contact a medical tourism operator or contact the international admissions office of a hospital directly. Many overseas hospitals have their own staff especially assigned to work with patients from overseas. The patient provides current medical reports; either a consultant at the medical tourism company or a doctor from the hospital will then provide feedback on the medical condition, recommended procedures, price and duration of more...

Overseas hospitals are better than California hospitals...

Another recent medical travel report - Medical Tourism: Global Competition in Health Care - compiles quite an interesting list of facts and statistics.

Some of them include:

1) Medical tourism is moving from the affluent to the less affluent - both looking for affordable health care.
2) Cost savings examples show savings of 50% to 80%, supported by lower labor costs, lower malpractice costs, lower insurance overhead, fewer regulatory requirements, streamlined services, fewer cross subsidies among different medical more...

How much do overseas medical procedures cost? Here are some examples:

US$United StatesCosta RicaIndiaMexicoSingaporeThailand
Angioplasty in United States
Angioplasty in Costa Rica
Angioplasty in India
Angioplasty in Mexico
Angioplasty in Singapore
Angioplasty in Thailand
Heart Bypass127,000
Heart Bypass in United States
Heart Bypass in Costa Rica
Heart Bypass in India
Heart Bypass in Mexico
Heart Bypass in Singapore
Heart Bypass in Thailand
Heart Valve Replacement170,000
Heart Valve Replacement in United States
Heart Valve Replacement in Costa Rica
Heart Valve Replacement in India
Heart Valve Replacement in Mexico
Heart Valve Replacement in Singapore
Heart Valve Replacement in Thailand
Hip Replacement44,500
Hip Replacement in United States
Hip Replacement in Costa Rica
Hip Replacement in India
Hip Replacement in Mexico
Hip Replacement in Singapore
Hip Replacement in Thailand
Hysterectomy in United States
Hysterectomy in Costa Rica
Hysterectomy in India
Hysterectomy in Mexico
Hysterectomy in Singapore
Hysterectomy in Thailand
IVF in United States
IVF in Costa Rica
IVF in India
IVF in Mexico
IVF in Singapore
IVF in Thailand
Masectomy in United States
Masectomy in Costa Rica
Masectomy in India
Masectomy in Mexico
Masectomy in Singapore
Masectomy in Thailand
Surrogacy in United States
Surrogacy in Costa Rica
Surrogacy in India
Surrogacy in Mexico
Surrogacy in Singapore
Surrogacy in Thailand more...