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Kiran Infertility Centre specializes in Infertility and has delivered over 1,000 babies. It also has a surrogacy practice which is used by at least two agencies - PlanetHospital* and Surrogacy Abroad*- although one can contact the clinic directly as well. Kiran is also more open to doing cycles with two surrogates, which increases the chances of success, but also increases the changes of having multiple babies in one go. As of October 2009, Kiran claims to have delivered 24 babies via surrogates.

Kiran claims the following success rates:

  • IVF: 38%
  • ICSI: 36%
  • Surrogacy: 65% (primarily to the policy of using two surrogate's for fresh transfers.)

KIC has made phenomenal progress in the last few years in the super speciality of Infertility. The latest advances in Infertility the world over, prompted the Medical Director, Dr. Kiran D Sekher to have exchange of information and expertise with some of the leading Infertility centres in the world. Thus, there is a constant flow of information on the recent advances in Infertility to KIC, which ultimately helps patients, attending our centre to avail the latest technology, which is available in the western world to only the few privileged.

KIC is one of the best-equipped Infertility centres in India and aims to provide private and completely confidential care with a highly individualised approach. Dr. Kiran D Sekher backed up by a well-trained team of specialists work cohesively in pursuit of excellence. Personalised care is given to all our patients taking care of their social status, psychological make up, social environment etc. which builds up the confidence and helps the patient have a positive attitude during treatment.

KIC provides state-of-the-art facilities in Infertility treatment and are constantly updating the facilities and knowledge to keep pace with the technological advances in the world.

As you continue on your path to parenthood, KIC's resources and experience may help you to achieve your dream of having a baby. Please contact us to discuss the different treatment options available or to schedule an appointment with us.

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Contact Details
Lane No-10 , #6-2-966/4,
Opp. Hindi Prachar Sabha, Besides - Nirmala High School, Khairatabad
Andhra Pradesh


One couple reported that Kiran Clinic delivers babies at 34 weeks by c-section unless you pay a fee to extend the pregancy.

If someone has more details on this policy, please do add them in the comments.


Greetings from the Kiran Infertility Centre, Hyderabad. I was going through the para where you state that we do all deliveries at 34 weeks unless the couple pays us extra. Where did you get this information from? This is absolutely false propoganda, I wish you would be able to verify your information before putting it online. This hurts our reputation. At our clinic, we have a multiple (twins) birth- rate of 60%. It is a well established medical fact that twins have a higher incidence of pre-term labour. We do not perform a delivery or C-section just because it is 34 weeks. If the surrogate mother goes into labour and if there is no way to prolong a pregnancy then we have to go in and perform the delivery or C-section. This is done keeping in mind that all surrogate pregnancies are very precious.

This year alone we have had 26 births through surrogacy and only a small fraction of these were pre- mature births. All the rest were full term pregnancies where the new-borns never required observation beyond a couple of days. However we do advise the parents to keep the new-borns under observation for atleast a couple of days post birth to rule out even the most minimal possible complications that might crop up after discharge or during the long flight back home as a lot of the intended parents themselves mention that they are new to parenting and have had no prior experience with new born care. We take the onus of teaching them how to hone their parenting skills.

The allegation about charging extra money to extend a pregnancy beyond 34 weeks is absolutely false and baseless and I request that particular parent to come and talk to me about this. My cell phone number is 9948175768. I do not know if these parents have approached the clinic directly or through one of the third party agencies. I am not aware if the agencies have falsely reported them into paying extra thereby hurting our good name and reputation.

Also I request you to kindly remove that para/comment from the page as this will prevent intended parents from being misled .We have an excellent Surrogacy Program and this is proved by none other by than the American and the British Embassies who have themselves said that “Kiran Infertility Centre” is the first and perhaps the only clinic from all of South India to have successfully delivered babies for intended parents from abroad.

Thanks & Regards
Dr Samit Sekhar
Program Director- IVF & Surrogacy
Kiran Infertility Centre Pvt. Ltd Hyderabad India

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