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Kiran Infertility Centre- KIC is a Super Specialty Facility dealing in Infertility Treatments & Surrogacy in India. An ISO 9001- 2008 Company, with its cutting-edge technology, world-renowned experts and a patient-centric approach, has been a dominant player in the area of Fertility Treatments and is one of the oldest IVF clinic in Hyderabad and Secunderabad in India offering IVF Surrogacy Abroad.

Started in 1970, KIC is one of the oldest and most respected facilities in India, pioneering many firsts in the field of Fertility Treatments of IVF, ICSI, Laparoscopy and Surrogacy Abroad. It has also registered its presence in Academics, Medical Research, Clinical Trials & Testing, Cryo-preservation, Shipping of Genetic Specimen, Semen Banking, Training of Doctors and also Consulting in IVF & IUI Lab Installation and Maintenance.

We launched our Surrogacy Program for International Intended Parents in January 2008. Within a short time span of less than 4 Years, our IVF Surrogacy Program is well recognized and trusted across the globe. With more than 600 Prospective Parents from 25 different countries and hundreds of International Surrogacy babies born, KIC has gained and garnered trust and excellence in the International market of Cross-Border Reproductive Tourism.

Kiran Infertility Centre is one of the best surrogacy clinics in India providing quality surrogacy options which include affordable Surrogacy programs which are all inclusive of IVF medical procedures, Gestational Surrogacy, Sourcing and Recruiting the Surrogate mothers in India / Egg Donors in India. Our surrogacy programs also provides a holistic / seamless experience as we include surrogate recruitments, surrogate housing, surrogate diet & nutrition and surrogate mother care. Regular Ultrasound scans and other tests such as the double test, triple test and TIFFA scans, etc. are done at regular intervals so as to make sure that the surrogate mother and the your precious surrogacy baby is in good health. We also share the reports over email from time to time so that you are always well informed about your baby's developments.

Kiran Infertility Center also has a legal team which has helped hundreds of successful Intended Parents take their surrogacy babies home to over 25 countries. They are well versed with the surrogacy laws of USA, Surrogacy laws of Canada, Surrogacy laws of Australia, Surrogacy laws of United Kingdom, Surrogacy laws of Ireland, Surrogacy laws of Israel, Surrogacy laws of Spain, Surrogacy laws of Sweden, Surrogacy laws of Brazil, Surrogacy laws of Japan, and many other countries. And this service is provided at no additional cost.

The stay for treatment and also post birth is provided at no additional cost with the options of 5 star hotels and our well-furnished service apartments, with food, Wi-Fi, transport, laundry, house-keeping, new-born shopping and most importantly, a nanny to take care of your new born! Many Intended Parents feel that insecure there are not aware of the customs of a new country, but we provide the hand-holding required, being there for you every step of the way. You don't need to pay high surrogacy agency fees for this. Everything is included and there are no middle men or commission agents. We only work direct and provide all the services and help you need in your surrogacy journey!

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