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The International Surrogate Motherhood Center is an agency that brings together intended parents, gestational carriers and the clinic.

The idea to organize the surrogacy motherhoodcenter belongs to Vladislav Illarionovich Kononenko, an outstanding scientist, Honored Doctor of Ukraine, Doctor of Medical Science, Professor, Head of Forensic Medical Examination Department of Kharkov Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Honored Scientist of Ukraine.

His idea was realized by his follower Viktoriya Chuprinova, a person of a wide vision and knowledge, an energetic, daring and not indifferent woman. She has thoroughly studied all the available information on the infertility problem and, what is more important, relating to its most serious forms, when application of extracorporeal fertilization and attraction of the surrogate mother for bearing the child is the only way out. These efforts resulted in organization of the surrogacy motherhoodcenter.

The surrogacy motherhood center is a team of qualified specialists whose main objective is to make possible realization of the married couple’s dream to obtain their own child when the reproductive function of one or both spouses is perturbed.

Main lines of Surrogacy Motherhood Center Activities
First, this is information of the surrogacy motherhood Program participants on all the aspects of the supporting reproductive medicine process, which its participants – genetic parents and surrogate mother - have to deal with.

It is a high qualification of specialists and managers of the surrogacy motherhood center that makes it possible to take into consideration various “underwater stones”, predict them, help the genetic parents and surrogate mother to overcome them successfully.

The said information also consists in provision the genetic parents with the list of potential surrogate mothers taken from the database of the surrogacy motherhood center, in order they are able to make their choice.

Second, here the customers ( genetic parents ) and the performer ( surrogate mother) may get, if required, a comprehensive on correction of psychological state of the program participants and an efficient settlement of the legal and organizational problems.

And third, the surrogacy motherhood center carries out coordination i.e., agreement of knowledge, skills, abilities and efforts of all the program participants: genetic parents, surrogate mother, specialists and medical base of “SANA-MED” Reproduction Clinic, the Center specialists: psychologists, legal experts, translators, curators, couriers, managers, to achieve the common purpose – birth of a healthy, long-awaited and so longed-for child, your DEAR CHILD.

surrogacy motherhood center has a staff of qualified professionals in the fields of medicine, economics and law which will help you to cope with any problem in the course of surrogacy motherhood Program.

Director - Viktoriya Olegovna Chuprinova.

Assistant Director - Pchelnikova Ludmila Igorevna.

Legal expert – Olga Sergeyevna Korneva, Member of the Bar of Kharkov Region, specialist in family law, international relations, other fields of jurisprudence, a lawyer Centre surrogate motherhood.

Lawyer - Sergey Emelyanov , doctor of law, a lawyer Centre surrogate motherhood.

Psychologist– Yelena Lvovna Lutsenko, Candidate of Psychological Science, senior lecturer of Applied Psychophysiology Department of Karazin Kharkov National University, specialist in psychological diagnostics, psychophysiology, social psychology, psychological advice.

Psychologist - Tsokota Victoria Rizvanovna , a member of the International Association of Applied Psychology, a psychologist Association of many mothers, a psychologist Centre surrogate motherhood.

Medical support – our partners in surrogacy motherhood Program – SANA-MED Medical-Advisory Center, Ltd., leading reproduction clinic of Ukraine*.

*If so wish the genetic parents, extracorporeal fertilization and other infertility treatment methods may be realized on the basis of any other human reproduction clinic.

Experienced interpreters of the surrogacy motherhood center in cooperation with Kharkov Chamber of Commerce and Industry will render their qualified assistance in translation into any foreign language and certify with a stamp all necessary documents.

Skilled and experienced curators of the surrogacy motherhood center will render services on nursing a surrogate mother and controlling her state during her pregnancy.

Special guides working in surrogacy motherhood Program will provide booking of tickets, meeting at airports and railway stations as well as accomadation for your choice.

- Selection of surrogate mothers basing on psychological, medical, legal, age, ethnic, religious, financial and individual criteria; forming surrogate mothers database and giving it to the customers.

- Full range of the required legal services, help in preparation contracts and documents agreed with Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, embassies, civil registry offices, migratory service .

- Psychological diagnostics of surrogate mothers, psychological advice and support during the entire program realization.

- Translation of documentation in foreign languages, official legalization of translations.

- Qualified medical supervision – care and control of a surrogate mother during the entire pregnancy period.

- Railway- and air tickets reservations, meetings in airport and railway stations, booking rooms in hotels and other accommodation places.

- Continuous monitoring of all program participants, protection of interest of each participant, provision of strict observance of undertaken contract obligations.

Specialties and Procedures at International Surrogate Motherhood Center
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Doctors at International Surrogate Motherhood Center

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