India Surrogacy Costs

While surrogacy costs in India may be less expensive than in your home country, the process is still expensive. Be aware that there are significant costs beyond those typically quoted in a surrogacy package, including travel costs, medical costs not covered by the package, and especially the cost of multiple tries. Because the full cost of having a baby through surrogacy includes much more than just the payment to the clinic, it's worth being clear on the full surrogacy costs at the outset. Examples of what people have spent in their pursuit of surrogacy include:
  • US$60,000 - Mike and Mike (of the Mike and Mike blog) indicated they incurred about US$60,000 in surrogacy costs through their surrogacy process (two children, two surrogates, with egg donors, both successful on first try) with Rotunda,
  • US$128,000 - an anonymous 42 year old investment banker through three tries with her own eggs, multiple surrogates on each attempt, and successful on the third try
  • US$50,000 - Rhonda and Gerry on three attempts through Surrogacy India, with success on the third attempt.
  • £25,000 (US$42,000) - The Morrison's twins delivered in Mumbai, apparently after one try
  • £50,000 (US$85,000) - Nikki and Mr. Bains with a baby girl conceived at Rotunda after 13 years of trying,
  • AUS$50,000 (US$45,000) - Jojo reports having spent this amount on at least two surrogacy attempts without success yet and is still trying
  • US$25,000 plus US$10,000 travel - Via this sites comment form, Stephanie reported "We used one surrogate, got luckly on the first attempt, and spent about $25,000 US (+ $10,000 travel costs). I thought it might be worth adding the best case/lowest intervention scenario to your list."
Clinic Costs

Listed below are approximate surrogacy costs at some of the clinics in India. In general, these costs assume a successful pregnancy without complications after once cycle and can be as high as US$25,000.

The price of surrogacy has been increasing. In 2005, Rotunda charged about US$12,000. Now it is about US$25,000. There are many factors driving the increased costs (life insurance for the surrogate, higher surrogate compensation, strengthening Rupee, Mumbai is India's most expensive city, etc.) and they are likely to keep going up.

Prevailing exchange rates also affect the cost, as most of the clinics charge in Rupees. Check with the clinic first to confirm current prices.

Typical Fee Structure

Each clinic quotes fees differently and can change their packages over time, so the fees listed may not be apples for apples comparisons. Use them as guidance only. Confirm with the clinic you select what is, and is not, included in the fees, and compare with other clinics. Often included (but to be confirmed) are the IVF procedure for the egg donor and surrogate, payment to the surrogate, the surrogates medical checks during pregnancy, any housing fees for the surrogate, and delivery fees. These fees are often structured as follows:

IVF Procedure
Rs25,000 to Rs 50,000 (US$1,000) Surrogate Recruitment
Rs100,000 (US$2,000) Surrogate endometrial preparation
Rs200,000 (US$4,000) IVF fees

Surrogate Pregnancy costs
Rs300,000 (US$6,000) Surrogate compensation
Rs50,000 (US$1,000) Antenatal care for surrogate
Rs75,000 (US$1,500) Surrogate caretaker
Rs50,000 (US$1,000) Surrogate housing
Rs50,000 (US$1,000) Deposit for any required antenatal hospital fees
Rs100,000 (US$2,000) 10,000,000 Rs life insurance policy for the surrogate
Rs50,000 (US$1,500) Delivery

Total cost = 1,000,000 Rs, or US$20,000.
(using an exchange rate of 50Rs = US$1)

Additional Fees:

During a cycle, there are many possible additional fees. Fees that may not be included in a standard price list include:

  • egg donor fees, including housing for egg donors
  • medication, especially if you start your cycle at home
  • HIV/STD screening for you and our partner before starting the program,
  • additional medication,
  • additional ultrasounds,
  • additional blood tests,
  • ICSI,
  • embryo freezing and thawing
  • amniocentesis,
  • surcharges for twins,
  • selective reduction,
  • termination,
  • DNA testing,
  • agency fees if a third party sources or assists in monitoring the surrogate,
  • additional housing fees for the surrogate,
  • hospital and medical charges for complications during delivery,
  • neonatal care for premature delivery, etc.
  • delivery charges (check whether these are included or not)
In order to avoid surprises, it is important to be very clear about which fees are, and are not, included in any quotation you receive. Newer clinics may not have as much experience in providing information about all the fees, and experienced clinics may not routinely provide them without being asked.

Legal Costs: While most of the clinics provide their own contract, and most people seem to use the clinic's contract, some people do have their own lawyer's review and amend the contracts. The Wall Street Journal article quotes Mike and Mike as spending US$3,000 on such a review. Traveling fees: In addition to this, you will also incur traveling fees. If you are successful in a single cycle, you will likely require:

  • two trips (airfare),
  • hotel stays, and
There are reports of some people using an Indian egg donor and shipping frozen semen so as to skip the first trip, although check the cost for shipping frozen semen or embryos - it may be more expensive than an airline ticket. The first trip is a bit over a week. The second trip, to meet your baby, can be from a week to several months - it really depends on how quickly your embassy is willing to process a passport for your baby. Check with your embassy and/or later sections of this guide for more information.

Picking up your baby: Finally, there are fees involved with picking up your baby including:

  • Your consulate or embassy will probably charge for a passport.
  • The U.S. consulate in Mumbai sometimes requires DNA testing, on a case-by-case basis (Oct 2009). Australian citizens are currently (Oct 2009) required to have DNA tests completed by an accredited lab in Australia (cost around AU$2,000).
  • And you'll have to pay for an India exit visa for the baby.
As the clinics adjust their services for supply, demand and exchange rates, prices have been changing. Do check and confirm prices directly with the clinic.

If you have updated information about surrogacy costs, or information about clinics not listed here, please email it to us at:
info at GlobalDoctorOptions dot com