India can be called as the Hub of Surrogacy as it is more affordable

Infertility is a great problem of modern technocratic society. Thus the demand for surrogacy gets its topmost priority in India. We understand that infertility is not about being unable to conceive it is also the trauma individual or the couple passes through. The cheaper availability of surrogates in India is attracting a lot of couples from all over the world who are unable to have children.

In Delhi there is a Clinic called S.C.I Health Care where doctors implant an embryo into the womb of a surrogate mother. If everything goes well then in nine months time she will deliver a baby. This clinic has 150 pregnant surrogates they are paid Rs 6000 dollars each. A team of doctors, lawyer’s medical professionals and support staff work in assisting the birth of 500 babies by surrogacy to Indian and International parents. They say that their motto is to see smiles in the face of childless couples. To some extent it may be true but actually this business has become one of the most attractive business as it involves a lot of money.

Medical tourism network of hospitals in India has very meticulous and stringent criteria for choosing a surrogate. The surrogate should be between21 to 35 years of age. They are married with previous normal deliveries and healthy babies. Detailed medical history, surgical history is looked and only a few are chosen. The hospital authorities maintain a record so that the same woman will not take the same task within a stipulated period of time.

In Mumbai surrogacy has flourished full fledged because of the urban population becoming too westernized. Ladies are more prone towards career building and they skip becoming till mid thirties. Sometimes for the sake of career building they sign a contract in which the clause of maternity leave is not there. Thus the problem of infertility sets in. This gives an opportunity for the business of surrogacy to survive. In Mumbai various hotels are booked to keep these surrogate pregnant mothers .Their lifestyle is given an expensive cover just because their clients are rich enough to afford it. Once the babies are delivered they are handed over to the couples and the payment is done as per the contract.

In Jaipur surrogacy is a growing industry as many childless couples abroad are coming to Rajasthan with the hope of getting a child through a surrogate mother. Women from different walks of life do the role of surrogate mother for mostly childless Indian couples living in the Gulf, UK and other countries.
Psychologists say that worldwide couples prefer surrogacy than adoption because somewhere a sense of belongingness is involved with the former. The parent can find their own identity with the child.
The country's baby business has become very popular due to the poverty. An Indian poor mother wants her baby to be free from hunger and thus have the temptation to fall into the grip of surrogacy. An illiterate mother is unaware of the rules of surrogacy and thus falls into the trap. The Indian surrogacy program sometimes exploits impoverished women. A lady from Punjab Harpreet was lured by the agents and she went through the process of becoming a surrogate mother for an American couple.

Unfortunately on account of some complication she could not survive. Her family was not given any compensation for her death. The Indian legal system is so cumbersome that hardly any poor family wants to get involved in it. Thus this business has critics. Now a days various Ngo’s have taken the task They say that sometimes when surrogate mothers die there is no or very less compensation. The industry should be regulated. Proper contract should be signed by each party so that any breach of contract by both the parties will lead to punishment.
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