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Are you ready to begin your surrogacy journey?
A surrogate carries the gift of life for another couple or individual. For some people, carrying their own baby through pregnancy is impossible and a surrogate offers their only hope of having a child.
Surrogacy process requires two parties, one intended parent who want to have child and other is surrogate, who is willing to help them to complete their family. Surrogate is a woman who carries and gives birth to a child for another couple or woman. She plays a very promising role to complete intended parent dreams of having a child.
We pride ourselves on creating a very special bond between you and your surrogate. We tirelessly search for surrogates who meet and exceed your expectations, who fully understand how the gift of surrogacy transforms the lives of childless intended parents.

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US$ 25,000
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Surrogate Mother Medical & Legal Work Up!
During Surrogate Mother IVF Cycle

We Care Surrogacy- Path To Parenthood


We care Surrogacy believes that everyone should be able to experience the gift of parenthood. We represent couples and singles, both gay and straight. We offers attentive, individualized, and personal representation for surrogates and intended parents alike. Whether you are giving the gift of life or about to embark on the journey of parenthood, We Care Surrogacy Specialists will be there for you for every step of the way.
Our clients come from throughout the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Nigeria as well as from many other countries in Europe, Asia, South America, and the Middle East. The We Care Surrogacy team provides knowledgeable, expert, competent, and compassionate services, and the team is networked with lawyers throughout the India, Canada, Australia,United States and the world who practice in the area of assisted reproductive technology law.

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Internatioanl Fertility Centre


International Fertility Centre, Delhi is a super-specialty centre, under one roof, devoted solely to the management of childlessness. The Clinic offers economic services conforming to world class standards. The facility compares well with the best available centre anywhere in the world, in terms of both equipment and personnel.
No effort is spared at the clinic to identify the specific cause of infertility in each case and to overcome it. After group consultation, treatment is advised and followed through. Diagnosis and treatment at the clinic are both based on sound scientific principles with close attention paid to the individual requirements of the couples.
We are proud to announce that our centre is fully equipped with most advanced ART embryology laboratory setup on par with International and European standards. It facilitates us to deal with complex male factor and PGD procedures in clean air, to optimize the success rates.
Our clinic is supported with a state of the art laboratory with two incubators which act as back up for one another, a good working station from K-Systems to handle the delicate eggs and embryos. An air purification system ensures a zero dust and sterile atmosphere for optimal embryo culture. To avoid any contamination of the IVF laboratory, the andrology section is separate from the main laboratory with its own work station, microscope and centrifuge.
We are well equipped to handle both endoscopic surgeries as well as ART treatments. The operation theatre is well illuminated with mobile light. There is the electromechanical operating table and an LCD connected to the laboratory so that the patient can not only visualise the embryo transfer herself but also see her embryos.

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Surrogacy in India


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Welcome to surrogate mother India world,
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We have a organization called Welcome to surrogate mother India We have a team dedicated to take care of surrogate mothers. As we focus on the safety of our surrogate, we conduct regular counseling sessions for improving their emotional and physical well being. Every month, we schedule a meeting with the IVF specialist.

GIFT’s caretakers ensure that the surrogate mother is taking the prescribed medicines, nutritious diet, multi-vitamin supplements as suggested and are following their schedule of tests at the clinic. We have people who are ready to help surrogate mothers if they prefer to stay alone at surrogate homes and we provide services for the surrogate at least till 3 months after her delivery.

We also analyze the factors like accessibility to our hospital, care provided at home, hygienic conditions of the surroundings etc. when we meet the surrogate and visit the place where they live. If the surrogate’s living conditions are not satisfactory, we provide them an accommodation near our hospital.
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